The Attitude of Ideology

Why is it that so many people believe that the world works the way that they want it to work, rather than the way it actually works? The philosopher Robert Nozick taught me the answer to this question. He also taught me that leftists are not the only people in America who cannot escape from the "attitude of ideology."Robert Nozick's office was a bastion of intellectual refuge for me when I was a college student at Harvard. I spent hours in his office complaining about my Harvard education --an education that seemed to me to be mostly indoctrination into the wonders of socialism.One day, in 1975 as I recall, I was sitting in his office discussing things philosophic (and probably complaining about one of my classes) when the telephone rang. "This could be important," he said to me. "Would you mind waiting outside for a few minutes?" I left and stood in the hall."Okay Larrey, come back in," he hollered about fifteen minutes later. He looked at me...(Read Full Article)