Sacrificing Israel

Linking US action against Iran with freezing settlement building, destroying Jewish communities and establishing a second Arab Palestinian state is a set-up for Israel's demonization and destruction. For President Obama, it's a win-win.

No matter what happens, Israel will be blamed.

Pres. Obama knows that short of military intervention nothing will prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Making Israeli concessions the key to stopping Iran, therefore allows Obama a perfect excuse: Israel didn't do enough; it's Israel's fault.

"Israeli intransigence" will be given as the reason for America's failure in Iran. 'If only Israel had evacuated more settlements, stopped building in Yehuda and Shomron, dismantled more checkpoints, given more aid to Hamas, stopped demolishing illegal Arab buildings, etc., we could have done something,' Obama will say.

But Obama's agenda doesn't stop there. The big prize is Israel's nuclear capacity. Egypt especially has been urging the US to force Israel to open its facility at Dimona. Russian spy-planes flew over Dimona prior to the "Six Day" War in 1967 and, according to Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez (Foxbats Over Dimona) wanted to bomb it. No doubt, Arab terrorist groups like Al Qaida, Hamas and Hezbullah have Dimona in their sights as well.

Pushing Israel against the wall is also a convenient way of deflecting Muslim terrorism away from American and European investments and interests. As long as Islamists think that Obama is on their side, they'll refrain from attacking, keep oil prices low and keep oil flowing.

Iran will make cosmetic adjustments so that Obama can claim victory; the crisis defused. And Israel will pay the price.

American troops will leave Iraq soon. It's yet unclear if the Taliban will make agreements with governments in Pakistan and Afghanistan to share power, as Hamas and Hezb'allah have done. Jihadists, like the Moslem Brotherhood will continue to grow in power and influence; they need to consolidate anyway before they move ahead, but their influence throughout the Muslim world and in Europe is substantial.   

Israel is the perfect scapegoat: isolated, abandoned, it has few real options. It can try to implement Obama's agenda, but nothing it does will be enough to satisfy Arab demands.

Nor would PM Netanyahu's coalition allow it. He could ditch the right and turn to the left, but it's unlikely that he would have enough votes to remain in power for long.

Whether Palestinian terrorists can restrain themselves while Israel carries out some form of withdrawal is uncertain. A freeze on construction in settlements would cripple but not destroy the movement; a clear majority of Israelis support settlements and don't want a Palestinian state. Destroying small hilltop "outposts" and even more isolated settlements can be done as a first step and without the trauma of full evacuation; 'amputations to save the rest,' they will say, trying to justify surrender and buy time.

Arab heads of state will parade through Washington, as King Abdullah of Jordan did last week with the same message: 'We are for peace; Israel must accept the "two-state solution" as offered in the "Arab Initiative" of Saudi Arabia -- withdrawal to 1949 boundaries, including Jerusalem, Palestinian Right of Return, etc.

PA President Abu Mazzen/Mohammed Abbas and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (both of whom are about to retire) will appear full of smiles: 'We want peace; Israel must accept a Palestinian state.'  There will be no mention of terrorism and incitement, or acceptance of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
Even Syria may join in return for American support for getting the Golan Heights.

Obama will look like the ultimate "peacemaker;" Israel will look like the bad guy.

There will be no hard questions. 

Meanwhile, three new PA battalions, US trained and equipped, are being deployed in the "West Bank." This augments hundreds of thousands of soldiers and terrorists already in PA military -- the highest ratio per capita in the world. Gen Keith Dayton, who is responsible for these new troops, admitted that if there were no Palestinian state within 2 years, these troops would probably rebel and return to terrorism. 

Members of the Arab League and other Muslim countries will be invited to Washington -- along with Israel -- to sign "Peace Agreements" following Arab demands. It will be a gala event, with the Clintons in high gear, the State Department Jews (Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller, Dan Kurtzer and Martin Indyk who helped force Israeli concessions during the 90's), and, of course, Shimon Peres and friends. And what would a party to celebrate Israel's demise be without Jimmy Carter, and Condi Rice. 

The Obamas will dance elegantly.