Morally Motivating the Mujahidin

If someone scouted neighborhoods for feral kittens to drown but spearheaded a committee for the preservation of cockroaches, what would your opinion be of such an individual?  Worse yet, if while advocating for the prosecution of gnat swatters they fought for and supported the right to exterminate rare exotic birds, would that person maintain credibility in your eyes?  Would a plausible representative for civility advocate for insect rights, while simultaneously holding a struggling kitten underwater?

Morality is born of an inherent sense of right and wrong, both of which ethical icon Barack Obama seems to have profoundly confused.  Obama's morality mission is a tutorial in droll pretense.  In a sanctimonious attempt to endear America to an inflamed Muslim world Obama, pontificating on the merits of morality, is like listening to Ted Bundy express devotion to women.  It is a baffling thing for logical people to comprehend a NARAL hero arguing for the denunciation of interrogation and the moral necessity to close Gitmo, while eagerly endorsing legislation condemning a helpless infant born alive to death.

Fundamentalist Islamic jihadists hold much against our country, not withstanding our lack of morality.  Religious Muslims are the antithesis of liberalism and socially conservative.  They denounce the infiltration of American mores as the pollutant of their culture and are determined to castigate the morally degenerate Great Satan with bombs and, Allah be praised, chemical, biological and/or nuclear weapons.  In hopes of discouraging reprobate behavior, jihadists hope to make a mushroom cloud exemplar of America.  

The wide appeal of American and West European culture deeply disturbs fundamentalists.  They condemn [it as] aesthetically loathsome and morally decadent... warning of disasters befalling those who abandon Sharia.

A religious fatwa was issued against the United States citing all manner of debauchery  including,

"...contraception, abortion, dancing, dating, nightclubs, pornography, mixed social drinking, tight clothing, scant swimming suits, mixed bathing, beauty pageants, co-education and female employment."

Jihadists consider themselves holy -- mujahidin, soldiers expecting no less than to take life or lose their own.  Yet our president thinks that avoidance of harsh treatment for captured enemy combatants will impress unswerving militiamen who behead schoolchildren.    Jihadists are people who are executioners bent on the complete obliteration of all America stands for, including the morally offensive policies Obama supports, but failed to incorporate into his litany of arbitrarily selected values.

The difference between amoral Americans and Muslim fundamentalists is that they adhere to strict codes of ultraconservative moral ethics based on the Quran and Sharia Law -- both of which condemn the practice of abortion.  Moral relativism is not an Islamic fundamentalist practice.  For example, the Kismayo Somali court did not poll public opinion to decide the fate of adulterer Aisho Ibrahim Dhuhulow  before stoning her to death.  Most assuredly, those who aspire to rain judgment on a morally bankrupt nation are indifferent to Obama's pick-and-choose attempt to muster a set of moral values whose intended benefit is his political success, while he still heartily endorses unhinged evil. 

Obama has ensconced himself the official proprietor of values and ethics in an attempt to convince the conservative Muslim world that a liberal can regain lost moral integrity.  He extends self-prescribed principles with one hand, while in plain sight deliberately assists Dr. George Tiller in a partial birth abortion with the other.  The President gives soaring speeches extending pseudo-American values.  But words fail to mask the stench of death, even in the nostrils of formidable enemies who are familiar with the odor. 

Obama is deluded if he believes inane rhetoric placates terrorists to discontinue jihad and thwart recruiting.  What he fails to acknowledge is that Al-Qaeda would be more impressed with the closing of abortion clinics then voluntarily boarding up Gitmo. The discontinuance of fetal salt poisoning would do more to heal the abhorrence toward America then ceasing the close- quartering Abu Zubaydah with a caterpillar.  For radical jihadists abortion, is more odious than walling a captured comrade; in fact, failing to behead Khalid Sheikh Mohammed underscored America's weak stomach for conflict.

Obama's abortion policies are likely more repugnant to Muslims than a prison that houses detainees who would have already been decapitated and thrown in a ditch if the mujahidin were in charge.  Imagine Daniel Pearl's captor's confusion listening to Obama righteously address the mistreatment of Gitmo prisoners who receive Halal meals and top-notch medical care, while America's principled leader concurrently crusades for the right to place born infants in laundry supply rooms to die  after botched abortions.

The presidents thrice refusal to sign the Born Alive Act is censured by a Quran, which says, "And do not kill your children kill them is a great wrong" (17:31).  Audaciously leaving a bucket full of drowned kittens in plain sight of his podium, Obama continues to lobby against the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah in hopes of winning the affection of the Islamic world.  He is adept at attending to minutia in lieu of more pressing moral issues.  

Obama expects the world to believe he has a moral core.  His self-righteous indignation at the "U.S. loss [of] moral bearings over torture" must bewilder an Arab world reflecting on the slaughter of 50 million children with the approval of the one decrying moral loss.  His identification with fundamental values, while endorsing and legislating on behalf of the liberalist of abortion policies, is dichotomous.  He claims Bush wartime strategy, "...energized our adversaries, and endangered our national security."  Yet Obama's refusal to acknowledge the reek of a practice he champions is the tangible "...straying from our values and undermining the rule of law."   

Admitting America's moral wantonness and apologizing for the negative effect degenerate influences have had on the Muslim world would go further toward "keeping Americans safe" than excising a maggot from a 6 x 6 cell.  Abortion in America is one of many issues that confirm the Western culture's vile, base nature and serves to justify eradication in the mind of the radical jihadist.  If the president refuses to recognize abortion's threat to national security, it would be better if he just canned the phony moral diatribes and fortified his underground bunker with an ample supply of Marlboro cigarettes. 

While Barack Obama attempts to stem the tide by portraying himself the moral arbiter of human rights, his traveling morality show hauls a fetus-filled freight train that does not go unnoticed when he pulls into the station.  For perceptive jihadists, our president's valiant effort to extend the right hand of morality cannot hide a "left" hand condoning the casualty of virtue. 

Barack Obama is proficient at ignoring the purring of drowning kittens waning in the background of his moral proclamation to defend blaberus discoidalis.  His refusal to acknowledge personal inculpation will continue to fuel the seething anger of Islamic radicals toward the moral depravity he boldly represents.  At the cost of national security, America's counterfeit moral icon masters the art of selective moralizing.  But, while grabbing his plinth with bloodied hands, the immorality he embodies does not evade or defraud an explosive Arab world.

Jeannie DeAngelis blogs at Jeannie-ology.