It's no longer a laughing matter

When the new administration took over Washington and our smiling, community activist, leader took the oath of office, the chuckles began as we witnessed the most expensive inauguration in US history and the start of the transformation of America.  I giggled -- initially.  This idol-worshipped man with absolutely no background or experience became our new President.  I laughed at how America had been taken for a ride.

When the President embarrassed America with his lame gift to the British Prime Minister, it was so sad it was funny.  I giggled under my breath.

When the One could not convey any coherent text without the aid of his teleprompter, I snickered until I realized that these words were not his.  If the machine failed, he was absolutely lost and could not find a meaningful conveyance with two hands and a flashlight. 

When he then went on the apology tour of Europe; bowed to the Saudi king and shook hands with Hugo Chavez, I grinned, but the laughter was absent when I came to the conclusion that this man truly despises what America stands for.

When the new administration put out the plan for veterans to pay for their own health care, it started to get ugly.  There was absolutely no humor left when I thought of these heroes coming back to American soil with the new administrations' welcome home gift.  "Thanks guys and gals and for your eighteen months of life-threatening service, Johnny, what do we have for them?"

When Janet Napalitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security deemed returning war veterans and conservatives possible terrorists, it was no longer funny and it started to tee me off.  We can no longer call the real bad guys terrorists.  They get the moniker of Man Caused Disasters.  But returning war veterans being labeled as Home Grown Terrorists? 

Mr. President, you have the power to push buttons, but you're starting to push the ones that are going to send more and more Americans into opposition.

When the administration chose to publish the CIA interrogation memos jeopardizing the security of our soldiers and the willingness of all national security operatives to continue to do what they do -- all for political motivation, it became clear that they will stop at nothing to accomplish their ideological goals.  Enough is enough!  I can't even manufacture a whimper of humor anymore.

Now our leader has the audacity to take the bond holders and private investors in Chrysler to the woodshed and publicly threaten them into giving up their investment?  "How dare they be so un-American as to want more of their investment dollars back?"   

It's no longer funny.  This is serious. What was initially a comedy of errors and gaffes is now becoming a serious threat to our security, our economy and our way of life.

Initially, I thought that this guy would float his trial balloons aimed at taking us to the left... test the waters, so-to-speak.  He did.  We watched.  When nobody shot these balloons down, or stood up to the radical changes he proposed, he and Rahm became even more brazen. 

Initially, I thought that regardless of his left-leaning motivations, he surely would not endanger the people of America or cause them undue hardships as a result of his desires?  How wrong I was!  This man...the administration couldn't give a damn about the people or their suffering, as long as it advances their agenda and creates a future throng of democratic voters who are addicted to the state.  It's time for us to recognize that this President, his cabinet, his staff, his Supreme Court appointees all have a common interest and that interest has nothing whatsoever to do with the people of this country. 

Until we wake up and see this charade, this façade called the administration of change, we will continue to dig a hole so deep that no manner of "change" will allow us to escape from the policy mandates this President will force upon us.  Wake up America, or one day we will wake up and see an America that we no longer recognize or want to be a part of.  Those of us who recognize what is going on will continue to speak out to make people aware and we will continue to be singled out by the administration; vilified if necessary, as they continue the process of steamrolling America to accomplish their agenda.
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