Fast Times at Disaster High

The sick, slumbering American wakes up in his Obama tee shirt and boxers, rubs his swollen eyes, hungover from a night of hope, change, spending, debt, and government takeover.  He's in the back of a runaway stagecoach headed for a cliff, unaware the driver has fallen off.

That describes all too many Americans today. That's the American who is sure that the country's big problem is Christian conservative gun owners, while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton give one hundred million dollars to Pakistan, even as the Taliban continues to make gains in that country, and even as Taliban fighters have been spotted toting American weapons - arms we gave to Pakistan to help them fight the Taliban.

This is the sick, slumbering American who is sitting by, besotted by American Idol, while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton give Pakistan a hundred million dollars at the same time that the jihad is within striking range of seizing Pakistan's nukes.

The unacceptable becomes the inevitable. There are no words for such stupidity.

The former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton wrote recently that "Pakistan must move to the top of our strategic agenda." Bolton said that the U.S. must be ready to take "hard steps" to keep Pakistan's nukes away from the Taliban. He warned that "neither greater economic assistance, nor more civilian advisers upcountry, nor stronger democratic institutions will eliminate the strategic threat nearly soon enough... We must strengthen pro-American elements in Pakistan's military so they can purge dangerous Islamicists from their ranks; roll back Taliban advances; and, together with our increased efforts in Afghanistan, decisively defeat the militants on either side of the border."

But instead, Obama is giving the Pakistani government a hundred million dollars. To what end?

That's not all. Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, a U. S. military "security coordinator," is training "Palestinian" Authority troops in the West Bank. Dayton explained: "We also have something in our pocket called the West Bank Training Initiative where we have plans to continue a series of courses in the West Bank on logistics, leadership, first aid, maintenance, English language, battalion staff training and driver education."

Why are the U.S. and its allies giving the "Palestinian Authority" military this kind of training? The broken thinking is they're hoping that American-trained "Palestinian" military personnel will then turn and fight Hamas.

Read that again. Such deductive reasoning would be possible without a premise so false. This represents a  nonsensical foreign policy and a willful ignorance of what and who the enemy is. Islamic jihadists are going to fight Islamic Jihadists...not the Jews? This is beyond stupid; it's bloody frightening. The training of "Palestinian" military units by U.S. advisers is taking place, mind you, at the same time the PA is negotiating to join forces with the Hamas terrorist organization, which rules Gaza.

The US is training jihad. But never mind. The gay American Idol contestant made the semifinals! Open another beer! Burp.

Meanwhile, who is going to pay for all this aid to Pakistan and Palestinian Jihadistan? Why, you and I are. In the latest blow to the American economy, credit card companies are going to start charging interest even to people who pay off their balance each month. The loot of the robbing of the hardworking, honest American goes to jihad while Obama's dismantles the giant engine that could.

Needless to say -- I will cancel any and all credit cards that seek to penalize me for being a steady, good credit customer. I pay on time every month. Like clockwork. I do not pay finance charges. I lose that, I am so losing the card. If they are going to charge me interest from the second I charge an item, then I will not charge that item. Period. And I know I am not alone in this. While I waited on the phone to the credit card company to ask if my terms would change, the woman on the other end of the phone said she was overwhelmed with similar calls that day.

I will not subsidize irresponsible fiscal behavior. I will not subsidize Obama's failed socialist policies and irresponsible foreign aid. This is nothing short of an all out attack on the free market. Americans will not react the way Obama expects. And the jihad will not react the way Obama expects.

But one thing is painfully clear. Obama is destroying America.

What's on TV tonight?

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