Pia Varma of Laissez Faire Lounge

When Pia Varma speaks tax-and-tax politicians itch. Is she the Naomi Klein of the free market movement?  Already, the young capitalist is a partner in the PopModal company, a YouTube for conservatives, and most recently she delivered a red-meat libertarian speech to Liber-Tea Party protesters. Still, Pia is just as comfortable talking clothes with Ann Coulter over cocktails. (Pia: "Where did you get your top?" Ann: "Isn't it fabulous.") Young. Enthusiastic. Smart. Face it, Pia is sharp. Hey, I couldn't construct a bridge between Coco Chanel and Aristotle?Please tell me about Laissez Faire Lounge, and the inspiration behind the catchy name. Laissez Faire Lounge is my blog and a libertarian/conservative hangout. Right now I am the sole writer and I write every weekday. The blog may develop and expand in other directions or it may not. All of the postings are centered around a libertarian/conservative philosophy and perspective. The catchy name?...(Read Full Article)