Manufacturing Consent for the Gay Agenda

Gay marriage is in. The Vermont legislature has deemed it a constitutional right. Nearly every cable and network television show features stereotypical homosexual characters. Hollywood and Television films on gay martyrs win awards even if the factual data is slightly skewered to invoke sympathy. Calling attention to this successful propaganda format, however, is unwelcome and hazardous to the whistleblower. That's why I found it so refreshing that truth-seeking gays with integrity find the lack of veracity surrounding gay issues much the same as I do- journalistic turpitude.

Craig Brownstein, his partner and two other friends have launched their own private website to investigate a murder that took place three years ago. I'd never heard of the victim, Robert Wone, until Mr. Brownstein wrote to Camille Paglia at last month. He wrote:

"There is a three-year-old unsolved murder of a straight man who was drugged, incapacitated, sexually assaulted, suffocated, then stabbed in the home of three gay men, one of them being an old college friend. One of the defendants -- not charged with murder, however -- is noted K Street attorney Joe Price, who is active in Lambda legal circles."

Mr. Brownstein queried why a news story that had all the "ingredients of a D.C. scandal: sex, drugs and murder" received almost zero buzz on the streets." He and his friends started the blog, -- to pursue the inquiry that the media is ignoring. Brownstein also blogged on the mentioning: 

"An all-star cast of DC legal elite -- including current U.S. attorney General Eric Holder -- have been involved. Still, two and a half years later, no-one has been charged with the murder, and nobody has gone to prison. Possibly, no-one ever will."

Ms. Paglia answered: "The 11th commandment of the liberal mainstream media is that no evil shalt be spoken of any gay persons, who have been sanctified by their precious victim status, without which liberalism would implode."

The liberal media will report ad nauseam about the victimization of a homosexual provided the accused attacker is heterosexual but it will remain mum when it's gay-on-gay violence.

When longtime ABC radio newsman, George Weber, was found murdered in his Brooklyn apartment on March 23, the shocking news was reported widely in the press. Once it was learned that he had been slain by a 16-year old he recruited for sex via craigslist the story was dead by March 25th. The sordid details of the brutal slaying could be found on the Internet but it did not rate the same coverage as other high profile deaths.

Back in 1998 when I was a columnist for the Staten Island Advance, I wrote a column defending the Boys Scouts in their action against hiring a homosexual. I was subsequently introduced to the world of vindictive opposition to my right to free speech. My name was entered in subscriptions to gay and porn publications. Lewd greetings cards were sent to the Advance and forwarded to my home. My name on Staten Island became synonymous with homophobia and rendered my art career too explosive for local exhibitions. My pastor who wrote a letter defending me also received hate mail and the same blunt tactics.

Thankfully I also received emails from supportive gays who resent the tactics of people they dub "homosexualists." My nephew and his partner were shocked at the hate spewed on websites because of my opinion.

We have a Harvey Milk School for gay students in Manhattan. Sean Penn won an Oscar portraying the gay activist who was killed by Dan White along with his prime target, Mayor George Moscone, who had fired White.

In 1998, Matthew Shepard, a young Wyoming student was brutally beaten, tied to a fence and left to die. According to an ABC report, one newspaper man said his fellow reporters were calling him, "the new poster boy for gay rights." Even though his killers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, said that money and drugs motivated the attack not hatred of gays, Shepard's death became the subject of television films, a documentary and a play.

Yet Andrew Sullivan wrote in the new Republic, (hardly a conservative publication) that ``the chance of a gay American meeting the same fate as Matthew Shepard is about one in a million. Or about the same as being hit by a railroad train.''  Sullivan got his statistics from an FBI study. For my column I researched an updated report from the National Gay and Lesbian task force that reported that 20 gay men and transgendered individuals were murdered between Nov.1998 and August 1999. Certainly any murder is one too many but this number pales in comparison to deaths in "the hood."  That study also did not distinguish which murders were committed by homosexual acquaintances of the victims.

Facts can get in the way of marketing geared to amp up emotional rage to influence legislation benefiting the gay agenda. Advancing liberation for a homosexual lifestyle is only legitimate if truth is not sacrificed. The majority of gays in America are not homeless, unemployed or living at a poverty level. Their individual civil rights are protected under traditional human rights provisions. The political pressure for gay rights legislation is a quest for political clout not for essential needs.  

I am prepared to be vilified once again for having said so.

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