Of course he's a socialist

Of course he's a socialist. The real question is, how does he feel about America? His favorite Sunday preacher for the last twenty years is simply obsessed with a frothing hatred for this country. His good buddies Bill and Bernardine have been expressing their rage loud and proud since the Sixties. As president, O is trying to put Chas Freeman in charge of the National Intelligence Estimates, a man who is neither competent, nor temperamentally suited, nor emotionally able to restrain his animosity against American Jews who love Israel just as they love America (... because, for one thing, they love democracy, and can recognize fascists even in drag.) 

tells us we're all socialists now. That's an obvious lie, because the Newsweek socialists like Evan Thomas suffer from regular nightmares that American conservatives will find another Ronald Reagan. But that raised the question of socialism. Obama danced away from it, of course, when a NYT reporter actually asked him. Whoooo me?

Well, anybody who reads the New Media knows the answer already; and anybody who doesn't know, doesn't want to know. None so blind as will not see.

Our socialists will tell us is that there are 57 varieties of socialism, so that dreaded word doesn't really mean anything after all. Well, tell that to 100 million dead people over the 20th century from Stalin to Mao. Tell it to people starving this very day in North Korea. Tell it to the thousands of Cubans who took to rubber rafts to get to this country. Tell it to the UN-ocrats who are enabling Sudanese genocide because Muslims have an alliance with European socialists at the UN.

Socialism is internationalist, and that means a genuine dual loyalty for a president of the United States. Marxists are convinced there is an inevitable contradiction between love of country and love of humanity. That's why it's called the Socialist International, and why the anthem is the Internationale. They haven't made a secret of it. Internationalist fervor controls their actions, including very successful efforts to whip up black feelings against whites, women against men, and everybody against capitalism, no matter how many billions of people it has raised out of poverty. The whole point about the global warming scam is to empower the internationalist Ruling Class.

All the divisions stoked up by our "idealistic" socialists cut across national boundaries, and the result is to weaken national identities. That's why liberals can't think of a good word to say for this country. That's why Britain is losing its identity to Brussels and the Euro-Soviet Union. When Hillary was running for president, one of her first moves was to drop the word "internationalism" into the media, as a code word to all the True Believers.  They got the message, but she still lost because to the Left a young black man is sexier than an aging white female. The Democrats made their decision based on race and gender, and proudly so.  That's what it means to be Progressive.

I think Obama is a Third World socialist. It's the basic story of his two autobiographies even before Bill Ayers rewrote them. It's what his runaway father boasted about, back in Kenya, and it's what O's Mercer Island  mom encouraged him to become. Socialism was the "in" thing in the post-colonial world, and it led to one economic disaster after another. It took a whole generation for the undeveloped world to recover its common sense. India suffered under the British socialism of Jawaharlal Nehru -- who claimed to be post-colonial, but was in fact indoctrinated by British socialist imperialism himself; he was a victim of a particularly pernicious kind of colonialism. India suffered for decades from that ideological blindness. 

India finally came to its senses when it rediscovered the amazing initiative and brains of its talented people, if they were just left alone to surf the web, read the books, learn and teach. South and East Asia have long scholarly traditions; Western math and science is no more difficult than the Sanskrit of the Bhagavat-Gita.  While North Korea is still suffering under the Stalinist whip, with hundreds of thousands of people starving, right across the border their extended families prosper in South Korea.

Socialists never have to explain their failures; in the case of Obama, he has never even been asked the only relevant question: What do you say about the murderous failures of socialism wherever it's been seriously tried? None of our media heads will ever ask it, and the New Media, who might, are carefully being kept away from The One. And let's face it, O is not an independent thinker. He wouldn't figure out a way to ask that question himself.

So O apparently believes that the people of color of all races -- Chinese, Malays, Native Americans, Cubans, Hawaiians, Andaman Islanders, Indonesians, Eskimos, Philipinos, Africans, and even Muslims -- have been systematically persecuted by whites. That is bizarrely wrong as a point of fact, if you just look at the actual majority of Asian kids in some of the best American universities today; or if you look at the decades of foreign aid Americans have given to poor nations. 

European historical dominance over people of color is purely a function of advanced technology. If the Industrial Revolution had happened in China before Europe, do you really think Imperial China would have been kinder to its colonies than the Brits were to theirs? Would Imperial China have spread democracy and the Enlightenment wherever it traveled? Imperial China was never known for its merciful actions, nor was Imperial Japan. China didn't bother to conquer foreign devils simply because it despised them.

But that's what our President evidently believes. So he owns up to a fundamentally race-based prejudice against hundreds of millions of human beings, including 80 percent of his own voters. That's what it means to be Progressive in the world of O, you see.

That's also apparently what his Attorney General means by saying that Americans are "cowards" on race. In fact, millions of white Americans have been bending over backwards to do the decent thing by black people since long before the Civil War. The abolitionists were nearly all whites; Abraham Lincoln had to face the fearsome prospect of the most destructive war in American history because of irreconcilable differences about slavery. It was the white British Navy that enforced the end of the slave trade across the Atlantic. And yet, African slavery by Africans has never stopped either in Africa or the Middle East. 

Ever since the Civil Rights Laws, black politicians have engaged in endless race-baiting directed against whites, in an astonishing imitation of the thuggish racist Dixiecrats of old. J-Wright's Black Liberation Theology is defined as Marxism applied to race. Karl Marx advocated class struggle, the poor to bring down the rich; BLT advocates race struggle against whites. It's not a  secret, and it does a lot more damage to black people, who have a much harder time escaping from its intellectual blinders.

So how does Obama feel about this country? Not "America After the Socialist Revolution," but the real America we live in?

I don't pretend to read his mind. But a lot of people are beginning to wonder whether he has different plans than protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States.

It won't be hard to tell, will it?
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