Ashley Biden: All In The Family

As the story of Vice President Joe Biden's daughter's alleged cocaine use heats up, the American public may have many questions, but they would be better served to observe how the media chooses to handle it first.

Evidence of Ashley Biden's alleged drug use has reportedly been captured on video tape by an acquaintance of the 27-year-old social worker.

At this point there is an allegation which is accompanied by a 40+ minute tape of which the New York Post has viewed an incredibly small portion.

The acquaintance does have legal representation, a criminal-defense attorney because of fear of prosecution, and is seeking money from media outlets for the rights to the video.

For this humble writer and true conservative, the story stops right there.

The unfortunate reality is that this is only news because Ashley is the daughter of the Vice President of the United States and automatically she has been propelled into the national spotlight because her name has surfaced in a scandalous story.

However, the realization needed here is that drugs destroy individual lives and families, and if  this allegation is proven to be true, I would like to believe that our society as a whole will pray that Ms. Biden receives the necessary help to overcome this problem and the Biden family can come together to get through this.

I think those words speak for conservatives across this nation.


The answer is simple; we do not bask in the glow of other people's misery.

We do not receive any level of satisfaction from someone else hurting.

This country has an administration led by Barack Obama that has created class warfare against the wealthy all in the name of helping everyone else feel better because some small faction of our society has been made to feel worse and will be punished for their personal financial gains any way he can see fit to do so.

For the many of us that are not wealthy, how are our lives enriched because hard-working people are being outed by the media for making a lot of money?

Protested against in front of their homes?

How does that help us move forward in the pursuit of our own individual dreams?

How can a large faction of our society be so blind they are unable to see that the "help" they voted for is more interested in making them feel better about the downfall of others more so than actually helping them?

I do not want to belabor the point and you can think about it further on your own because this piece is not about politics.

This writer is interested in observing the mainstream media's actions, because if Ashley Biden's story is proven to be true, I expect them to do nothing more other than to report it and spin it into a positive because of who her father is and the political party to which his allegiance lies.

That being said, it is a damn shame I could not have expected the same behavior towards Bristol Palin and the rest of the Palin family.

It is part of the game of politics for both sides of the aisle to sling mud at one another during elections, and given Sarah Palin's overnight meteoric rise to national prominence I expected the left and their reliable partners in the media to dig like California gold miners for anything to discredit her.

But was it necessary to accuse her of using her Down syndrome child, Trig, as a political prop?

Was it necessary to make a baseless claim that Trig was actually Bristol's child?

Was it necessary for ABC to send Neil Karlinsky to Alaska to interview Levi Johnston following his breakup with Bristol?

Wow, two teenagers have decided they need to end their relationship and grow up; film at 11!

Do the American public a real service and stop playing head partisan cheerleader for a far left radical led Congress and wannabe dictator and start asking some tough questions that help us get to the bottom of what in the hell is going on in this country.

Maybe then we could stop tuning in to presidential press conferences that turn out to be more like Team USA softball competitions.

Stop attacking the children of politicians; they are not news; they do not make policy, and as a result have no direct effect on our lives.

We do however care for their well-being just as we do our other fellow American citizens.

For her own sake, I hope the Ashley Biden cocaine story turns out to be false. But if it goes the other way, I expect the media will do as I said, and not because they have seen the errors in their ways and have decided to forge a new compassionate beginning, but simply because her father has a D after his name.