Agitator in Chief Backhands Military

My father is a Vietnam veteran.  He received two purple hearts for his service to his country.  He is not an outspoken man, nor is he the type to proclaim that someone owes him for his service.  Although he took shrapnel in his leg and shoulder, and lost a good percentage of his hearing in the war, he came back and started a family and grew up to be a successful and proud American.

As my father has aged, his hearing has deteriorated even further, and he requires the use of hearing aids.  Because his hearing was damaged in the war, he goes down to the VA to receive them, free of charge.   This is a small price to pay by the government for my father's service, and the service of thousands of men and women like him. 

Up until this point in American history, no President has ever dreamed of denying our men and women of our Armed Services medical care for their injuries and forcing them to use their private insurance.  That is, until the Agitator in Chief came into power.

Update: in response to public outrage, ths Obama plan has been withdrawn.

When this plan was announced, I have to admit I was not surprised.  Like any American who takes an honest interest in his government, I have done the research on Obama.  I know he is a radical leftist.  I know he had a Che Guerva poster in his Houston campaign office.  Without any help from the mainstream media, I understood that his connections with Ayers and Wright are closer than he admits.  I knew that a man with this background hated America's military and capitalist strength no matter what he said to the contrary.

Obama knows it would be a public relations nightmare to be honest with America and tell them that he wants to punish our Armed Forces for perceived transgressions they have committed in the world.  Instead, he will try some back alley Chicago tactics to achieve his goals.  In the name of Hope and Change, his teleprompter will allow him to tell the nation how important this is for our economic survival. 

Obama will try to sell this as a cost cutting measure.   However, those that understand this community agitator will understand this policy for what it really is.  In order for Obama to tear down this country and rebuild it in his socialist utopia, he needs to destroy the very pillars of this country's foundation.  One of those pillars is a strong, proud military that is sworn to protect this nation's constitution.

While reasonable Americans look at our military with pride and honor, Obama, Ayers, and Wright look at them as messengers of terror and oppression that must be put in their place.  If cost cutting were the true objective, then he could start by eliminating healthcare and education for illegal immigrants.   He could stop with the useless spending on the global warming hoax.  Obviously, cost reduction is not the true objective.

The men and women that have served this country deserve better than this.  They have served honorably under fire, in the foxholes at the Battle of the Bulge, and in the deserts of the Middle East.  They have heeded this nation's call in times of war, and deserve our respect and our care for any harm that service may have caused them. 

On a positive note, both Democrats and Republicans alike have repudiated the President's plan to make military members responsible for their own healthcare.  That is encouraging to hear, and not very surprising.  If this was given the attention it deserved in the Mainstream media, there would be outrage throughout the country, except for in the most left wing enclaves of our society.

The real issue here is that the President even suggested this to begin with.  His suggestion gives us very clear insight into the depth of his radicalism and how ordinary Americans are going to have to stand up and fight back his threat to our way of life. 

My father once said that despite all the anti-war talk during Vietnam, that if average Americans would have seen how the Vietnamese people suffered under the communists, they would have understood why we were over there fighting.  The American military is a force of good.  We need to support them and honor their sacrifices.  One of the ways we can do this is to provide lifelong healthcare as a small show of thanks for their sacrifice. 

Mark Moran blogs at
The Patriot Byte.