The Prince of Thieves

The era of Obama-inspired bi-partisan goodwill was very brief. As with all his carefully choreographed pandering, it was in large measure a rhetorical tool. In the language of average Americans a "rhetorical tool" equates to a lie, a lie told to get votes. Obama was very good at convincing otherwise intelligent people that he was sincere, and the "Hope" and "Change" he would bring to often imaginary problems would make America a better nation, bringing opposing sides together to tackle all those problems in consensus and warm fellowship. It was all nonsense. A good speech does not make good government. We are beginning to get an idea of what the next four years will be like. It will be a purely partisan disaster.

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer is a good example of the new spirit of the Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress. He thinks he knows the mind of the American people, assuming, no doubt, that the Obama electoral euphoria will suspend their capacity for critical analysis. As the deceptively named "stimulus" package is signed today and application and the true magnitude of its outrageous provisions continue to be revealed, the civil lethargy that the Democrats have so far profited from will increasingly start to fall away. The massive trillion-dollar scam will make millions of hard working self-supporting Americans angry, very, very angry.

Where Obama lectures and stares down uncomfortable questions, Sen. Schumer speaks like a feudal lord, imperious and disdainful of the voting peasants he manipulates:

"And let me say this to all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little, tiny, yes, porky amendments, the American people really don't care," Schumer said on the Senate floor. "The American people care far more that there's a proposal in the bill, this one I pushed, that gives a $2,500 credit to families who pay tuition to put their kids through college.

"They care far more about that than about some small provision in the bill that shouldn't be there because the tax relief from tuition costs that they're going to get means far more to them. They care more about a provision that keeps the teachers in their schools."

That is a $2,500-dollar bribe that pulls the heartstrings of parenthood. It is one of dozens of straw man promises you hear the spokespersons glibly spit out defending this travesty. Just where were all those teachers going? Schumer has a million of them, just like Obama, crafted to scare us into buying into their schemes. Their hypocrisy is congenital. Money does not grow on trees, and these magnanimous entitlements will never come to fruition. Those "tiny, yes porky amendments" are larger than huge, and the Senator's absurd obfuscations are just one more example of how stupid he thinks the citizens of this country are.

The costs to those of us who still believe in limited government and responsible citizenship will far outweigh any benefits that may fall our way as we fund the entitlements for the minority who expect, and even demand, that government care for them in all things. This is what we saw after Katrina writ large, the nation believed the exaggerations, and New Orleans sucked down billions. The city is still as corrupt and blighted, crime ridden and poverty-stricken and nothing has changed. This is what we can expect for the entire nation.

The redistribution of wealth, taking money from the producing part of society and transferring it to the special interests that take without giving back, is the road to ruin. Now that the singular success of America has somehow been transformed into its greatest sin, the socialists feel comfortable doing what was the political kiss of death only a few years ago. Such is the leftist "progressive" influence on our culture. We who have built and maintained and defended this nation must now support those who have done nothing, either to prepare for hard times or to succeed. Our charity is no longer voluntary and the fruits of our labors are now controlled by the whims of elites, like Schumer, Pelosi, and President Obama, who hold us and all we cherish in disdain.

Schumer's arrogance surely comes from confidence in the outcome of this gigantic theft, a crime that will go a long way toward ensuring Democrat control of Congress for decades. Make no mistake: the Democrats are money-laundering and influence-peddling, by rewarding stalwart leftist organizations, charities and front groups that will in turn launder taxpayer money to fund the Democrat political machine. They have been doing so for many years. Your money, the money that you work for, is being stolen to fund a political organization, and you can do nothing about it. Infrastructure will receive a pittance. Social welfare programs and social "progressives" will receive truckloads of money, and reliable allies in ideological groups such as ACORN, the unions, far left academia, and the media will have influence far out of proportion to the population that actually supports their social engineering.

Remembering that the economic crisis was helped along by years of Democrat tampering, the economy will in fact recover; it will do so without any "stimulus" or "bail outs." This measure is not necessary; it will bankrupt us and push us deeper into recession. It will make government vastly bigger, more unwieldy, and less responsive to the will of the people. One thing it will surely do is give the Democrats a crisis to exploit for many years to come, as well as the funding that will ensure they hold on to power, stolen from the taxpayer under the guise of an "economic rescue." So President Obama puts his formidable acting and speaking skills into ominous warnings and fear mongering and carefully staged photo ops and speeches, and fake news conferences were the questions are vetted and the questioners assigned. It is not about the economy, it is about control, it is about money, it is about setting the Democrats up for decades to come.

If you thought we were merely emerging from a divisive election and things will shake themselves out, you should realize it is far more than that. It is no less than an attempt to transform America into a socialist state. It is not the battle of political ideas; it is the battle for survival of our democratic republic against an ideology that is a proven failure and a certain disaster. It is the attempt by socialist elites to implement an agenda that is carefully hidden from the voter and would be abhorrent to them, should they understand the implications. We know that socialism is a road to failure. Examples of that belief system's depredation are everywhere, from Great Britain to Venezuela, and a hundred points in between. Socialism is a parasite that consumes a nation's lifeblood, come quickly or slowly it will kill the host.

The Socilaists who call themselves Democrats work hard to consolidate and perpetuate their control. They took us without violence, by subterfuge, stealth, and deceit. But make no mistake, President Barack Obama is motivated by the same controlling impulses that inspire Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Daniel Ortega; it is the same totalitarian tendency that animates all utopian ideologies. In the weeks and months to come, the ugliness of this ideology will become more and more apparent. His associations with criminal, racist, terrorist, and American hating colleagues and friends define him, and at a fundamental level, our new president does not respect the nation he now presumes to lead.

President Obama is the Prince of Thieves, who with his minions in Congress will do more to undermine this nation in a few short years than all the decades of economic turmoil, cold war and the war on terror. He wraps his policies in moral platitudes, cynically using little old ladies at rallies to anchor his inconsistencies and lies in the minds of a credulous public. The press is his willing propagandist.

They are stealing our children's and grandchildren's future, they are stealing money that we toiled for, they are weakening our nation and embracing our enemies, and very soon they will steal our freedoms one at a time, hoping we do not notice. Talk radio is already in their sights. They are stealing America. If we let them.