Obama delays signing 'urgent' stimulus for Chicago fun

After telling the nation it was so urgent to pass the stimulus bill there was no time to even read it, President Obama took off for Chicago with wife Michelle, to dine at a fancy Chicago restaurant and spend the night at home in Hyde Park for Valentine's Day. The Bill will just have to wait for him to sign it next Tuesday.How to explain this odd behavior? Was this a calculated move? What could be the thinking behind it?Obama and his advisors are no doubt counting on the press to avoid noticing the contradiction between the alleged urgency and taking time off. This neglect is a necessary precondition for all that follows.To a critical eye, the hurry to pass the bill appears to have been a con, a legislative stampede. But to that portion of the press and public caught up in the romance of the messiah, no such comparison of rhetoric and behavior even enters their minds. They want a leader to take care of them, the way FDR supposedly did. Dropping the affairs of state and rushing home to...(Read Full Article)