False pride and the liberal imagination

Is the election of Barack Obama a victory for racial tolerance and equality? Or is Obama just a clever politician surfing the  fathomless supply of white guilt, like the three famous Revs --- Jesse, Al and J-Rite? Is Obama the bearer of post-racial forgiveness, or is he just good at the ole' slice and dice?

In a way it doesn't matter. To liberals a black president equals goodness and virtue. It's the ultimate in racial reductionism. Barack Obama has become his race. That's identity politics. But then, the same people believe from the bottom of their capacious hearts that FDR saved the country from the Great Depression; that World War Two was the last Just War in history; that the Soviet Union was an idealistic experiment that almost worked; that Hitler was a conservative like Reagan; that Che was a humanitarian; that Eurosocialism is the perfected model for the United States; that the United Nations bears all of humanity's hopes for peace forever; that Global Warming is bound to fry our sinful carbon-puffing souls very soon; that free markets are the cause of war and ignorance; that dark-skinned folk are more virtuous than pale-faced ones; that Al Qaida truck-bombers are just poor and misunderstood; that toddlers have an intuitive grasp of higher morality; that forty million abortions do not pose a moral problem; that Saddam Hussein wasn't such a bad guy; that religious faith is evil; that intelligent people are liberal, and vice versa; that Bill Clinton only suffered from a few ethical lapses; that the media can ever be believed; that JFK was a great president; that Jesus was a community organizer; that John Edwards made a believable candidate; .... oh, yes, and that Barack Obama is Our Savior from Racial Hatred and Despair.

In other words, our friends on the Left are practically howling at the moon for the privilege of getting lied to again. And again. Very soon the professional scammers will rush in to satisfy that need, and produce yet another celebrity pol -- as soon as there's a gap in the chorus line. Maybe Michelle could give us a Historic Twofer? Don't think they're not dreaming about it.  Suckering libs is easy money.

Liberals take credit for All Progress, and the election of Mr. Obama counts as an historic triumph of Good over Evil. Just as they accept that Al Gore deserved that Nobel Peace Prize for the biggest scientific fraud since Tryfemov Lysenko, and that FDR rescued the country from the near-death of capitalism, so, for the next sixty years at least, they will take credit for the election of Barack Obama -- as proof of the Goodness of Liberals in spite of the Backward People of the United States.  It's like that labor union bumper sticker: We Brought You the Weekend. (It's a little known fact that before labor unions came along, Monday mornings used to start right after 12 midnight every Friday night.) So we are witnessing the birth of yet another everlasting Article of Faith, to be used to beat their chests for at least another century. This is History on the March -- or, more accurately, Manufactured History on the March.

The great religions have a name for it: It's called false pride. It comes down to taking credit for all things the media call good, and denying any responsibility for anything considered bad. In the Dead Sea Scrolls it was the Children of Light against the Children of Darkness. False pride makes the Left go round. And there's so much of it; it's one of those bottomless energy sources that defy the laws of physics.

But if you are reading this, chances are that you are Evil anyway, or perilously close to it from the enlightened point of view. You may disagree with them, but their minds are made up; don't expect forgiveness for your sins, buddy. Not until you vote the straight Democrat ticket, or alternatively, establish your really permanent address within the city precincts of Chicago.

It comes down to the same thing.