It's How You Play The Game

Heartfelt congratulations on a truly historic election to all my Democrat friends and family members. Having endured what you believe were 8 excruciating years of poverty and devastation, I know that those of you who voted for Obama must all be relieved.

I have also endured the last 8 years, but my experience is notably different from yours.  And I think in looking ahead to the future, we must look to the past for lessons learned and take responsibility that those lessons won't be repeated.

From the minute George Bush was elected, the Democrats began their next campaign -- and it was a brilliant one -- to tarnish the Republican brand.  With the exception of a short blip during 9-11, when politicians and their constituents had no choice but to put politics aside, Bush met with nightly assaults in the media on everything he said and did.  First, there were the periodicals and the networks; then, the nightly talk and comedy shows; then books and movies; and finally, supposed parodies like "L'il Bush."  It was an endless onslaught defaming the brand and, it's true, you know, if you say it enough, they will believe it.

Most of us have endured your parties with your relentless scathing and often unsubstantiated claims about Bush and his policies, his lies and distortions, his nefarious character and Machiavellian desires; the constant barrage of ridicule of all things Bush and all things conservative; the distortion and manipulation of incidences...all to prop up your own brand, whether wittingly or unwittingly.  I say "unwittingly" because many of you fail to recognize the role you played in this daily onslaught against the President, in particular, and the havoc it wreaked on this country, in general.

Many times I tried to engage you in conversation, as many of my like-minded friends have done, only to be met with scorn, ridicule, all too often ignorance and almost always the brush off.  People talk a good game about robust debate, but they have shown they don't live up to it.

I'm not trying to anger you; quite the contrary.  I want you to remember your behavior over the last 8 years and contrast it with mine.  First, notice the congratulatory nature of the right regarding this victory; the authentic well wishing, despite the disappointment; the articulated support for all things Obama in the hopes that this man will think about his children's future and hence will benefit the future for all of our children.  And while you observe that, recall how the right was treated by the left from the moment (back to my opening salvo) Bush took office.  He, we, never stood a chance.  He was the original candidate outside of the beltway seeking to reach across the aisle and nearly all of his gestures were rebuffed, only to be met with a revision of events that could only occur with the complicity of the media.

Second, as Obama transitions into the White House, recall again, the way the Bush team's truncated transition was handled: from offices left in shambles, to the very juvenile prank of "w" keys missing on all the computers, to White House staff members, CIA and State Dept. employees vowing to undermine Bush and his administration at every opportunity.  Contrast that with Bush's statements and guarantees of a smooth transition; his establishment of a Transition Council to aid the Obama administration.  And let's not forget that in Bush's attempt to govern moderately, he displayed boundless good will by leaving in powerful positions, much to his detriment as hindsight has shown, countless holdovers from Democrat Administrations, all done with the mistaken belief that good people would put partisan politics aside when it came to the defense of this country and doing what was best for it.  Again, scan the annals of your memory and recall the Bush transition in the wake of Clinton and contrast that with what you are witnessing today.

But most of all, I am most proud of my conservative friends and family who never gloated when Bush was elected (twice) and aren't spewing vitriolic hatred for someone they didn't vote for, like you all did.  I recall many comments but maybe this one will jar your memory: "He's not my President."  I may not agree with Obama on much, but, like it or not, he is my President.

And, in the course of this, you closed your minds and mouths to discussion, open and robust.  You had a complicit media, feeding you only the information it wanted you to have and that you wanted to hear.  I'd like to think, as opposed as I am to everything Obama stands for, I will at least expose myself to the other side.  Well, I know I will because I always have and frankly, you cannot live in America without being exposed to the main stream media.  But it saddens me that the electorate is not exposed to a balanced media unless individuals proactively seek it, something I've notice few of you do.  And, when some of you do take a glimpse into the alternative press, you often start asking questions and reading and pondering and you begin to see what we all see so clearly.  I am always in awe of those who do; for it takes great courage to break out of one's somnambulism.  And now you seek to shut that down with the Fairness Doctrine.  What are you afraid of?

Our family emigrated from a repressive socialist regime.  When children are inundated with carefully constructed programs of information at school, when their ability to speak freely is stifled, when they are given a psychological evaluation by a school because they dared to share conservative viewpoints, when the electorate is so ignorant they cannot explain the difference between socialism and democracy, when freedom to associate and speak and publish are first mocked and then stifled with the threat of legislation, when hard work and success are rewarded with punitive tax measures and wealth is purposefully redistributed instead of being steered towards investment, then we are in trouble.  It's a delicate balance, a democracy.  It doesn't take much, when the winds are blowing in the same direction, to knock it off its balance and tip it towards a place we don't really want to go.  Today, all of the winds are blowing to the left and, while that isn't in and of itself necessarily grim, the power to tip society one way or the other now lies in the hands of a Democrat President, Democrat Congress and Democrat leaning Supreme Court.  I ask nothing more of my Democrat friends and family but to temper your enthusiasm with caution, your call for change with reason.

I do hope our fears about Obama and the power the Democrats have is unfounded.  I do hope he brings continued prosperity and security to this nation (and I say continued because now that you have prevailed and the gloves are off, I think we can dispense with the charade about how bad off we all have been for the last 8 years;  you did spin it brilliantly to make for a successful campaign).  And I do hope all of you exercise this power responsibly.  More than anything, I hope you remember to give credit to the right for its collective behavior during this transition and I ask for some intellectual honesty and historic accuracy when I beseech you to take responsibility for the lack of peace during the last transition and the downright divisiveness, even nastiness, throughout the last 8 years.

Be very skeptical of a society with a biased or controlled media.  Take the time to talk with a few refusniks to refresh your memories about the powerful impact a controlled media has on its population and its politics.  I doubt very much that there will be a movie about Obama called "Hussein" or that there will be a ridiculous show called "L'il Obama."  Watch carefully on your TV screens for the onslaught of Obama jokes and reporters who ooze nothing but disdain and loathing for him before he even takes office.  See if entire careers and TV shows will be built around the disparagement of his presidency And don't forget to check The New Yorker to see if his caricature morphs into a big eared, tiny monkey-like figure like Bush's has.  I doubt it.
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