What happened to the media?

I am not trying to sound trite, but honestly I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. 

What happened to our jaded media who looked for the fire when they even had a glimpse of smoke?  What happened to the media who wanted every single detail of a blue dress and a naughty cigar? 

As much as I thought all of the insidious coverage of that Presidential misstep was a bit much, I would take that any day over this overly-apathetic, take-any-answer-at-face-value media we are dealing with now.

Come on media.  A sitting president enjoying a peaceful and prosperous eight years has a little fun with an intern, and you went after every last, salacious detail of each and every phone call and encounter. 

Now in a time of war and financial meltdown, we have a relatively unknown candidate for the highest office in the land, who keeps fluffing off reports of radical associations as if he is swatting a mosquito away, and you just accept his nonsensical answers at face value.

Never would I have thought that the American media would let an unknown politician running for President get away with having "Community Organizer" as a main feature of his short resume and the seemingly endless radical connections that keep emerging.

Let's recap some of what Barrack Obama seems to have skated passed the American media -- and by default -- much of the American public.

First comes the twenty-year association with a very racist, radical and politically-incorrect Reverend Wright, who is on tape ranting and raving about the American government, white people, Hillary Clinton and many American ideals. His extreme, radical bias against the American government, the American Dream and white people are clearly depicted. 

Even though Obama clearly spent 20 years sitting in the pews of Reverend Wright's church and has mentioned him as his spiritual guide on several occasions, the media allowed him to escape relatively unscathed with the announcement that he is leaving his church.  This appeased the media and seemed to appease the masses. 

Who cares about what it says about his judgment and philosophy to have sat in his pews for 20 years and have used him as his spiritual guide?  They said, "Let's get back to the issues."

And so they did. 

Then the alternative media started wondering, "What exactly is a Community Organizer, and how does that prepare someone for presidency"?  That is a great question, but the mainstream media ignored that question entirely and made it sound like he was some do-gooder who was providing community service.

Anyone at all who bothered to look into what exactly Barrack Obama did as a Community Organizer would have found that he was involved with radical organizations, such as ACORN.  Once it came out that ACORN is in frequent trouble for voter fraud and has been caught shaking down mortgage executives to offer bad loans to risky home buyers, his campaign manager says that he didn't work for ACORN.  He worked for Project Vote. 

The media just left it at that.  They didn't bother to report that Project Vote has always been an ACORN affiliate project, and that Barrack Obama did, in fact, serve as ACORN's attorney at least in one Motor Voter Law case.  They would also have discovered that he acted as a trainer, who trained young people to be radicals. 

Instead, the media ignored that he addressed ACORN's Convention recently and all of the other facts mentioned above, and let the story end with the bogus explanation about Project Vote having been his employer, not ACORN.

Early in his bid for President, it came out that Barrack Obama bought property next door to his good pal, Tony Rezko, who got it for him at $300,000 under market value.  Did I mention Rezko is a felon who is most likely on his way to prison for shaking down vendors who wanted to do business with the State of Illinois?  I wonder where he learned that tactic? I am sure it wasn't Harvard Business School.  I would bet he learned that in some Marxist textbook.

So after that connection gets swept under the rug and dismissed as John McCain's attempt to avoid the real issues, yet another radical association emerges - Bill Ayers.

This guy started a radical, anti-American, terrorist group called the Weather Underground and bombed the Capitol, the Pentagon, the New York City Police Headquarters, and the home of a Judge presiding over a trial of another radical group, the Black Panthers. 

It comes out that Barrack Obama launched his political career in this despicable terrorist's living room, sat on some boards with him, collaborated on education projects with him and who knows what else.  I wish the media would find out what else.  Since when would they let a story like this go?

I'll tell you when -- since they decided they were in the bag for Barrack Obama.

Even though Obama and his advisors keep changing their stories about his connection with Ayers, which would indicate to anyone that there is a lie hidden within the spin, the media has not challenged one single statement that has come from Obama's camp.

There is a chance that a man with a history of radical, Anti-American connections will be our next President, and we are going to treat these reports of his connections as a McCain campaign ploy to distract the public from the real issues. 

I cannot think of an issue more pressing than the political agenda and theoretical basis of our next President and Commander-in-Chief.  Can you?  Radicalism and Socialism have defined him and might soon define our country if the media doesn't wake up and report the facts so that the American people can see things as they really are - not as they are packaged.

Barrack Obama has packaged himself as a Patriotic American looking to serve the people and help the "middle class."  Frighteningly, what he might really be is an Anti-American, Socialist, who is looking to "own" the "middle class."

You think I am exaggerating?  Thanks to the mainstream media, you might not know that Barrack Obama sought after and won the New Party's endorsement in 1996. 

The New Party is a Socialist, Left-Wing faction of the Democratic Party who disdained Clinton's middle-of-the-road policies.  Barrack Obama is now running as a Centrist, despite all of the evidence, including his voting record, that shows that he is as Left-Wing as they come.

Like I said, let's unwrap the packaging and get to the heart of this man before he takes the helm of a country in middle of two wars and a devastating economic crisis.