Sowing ACORNs to reap the biggest oak tree in Washington, DC

"From tiny ACORNs mighty oaks do grow" is the old slogan, from which the revolutionary organization ACORN derives its name.  Like so many little hints dropped by the Left, you get a very clear message if you just think about it from their neo-Marxist revolutionary point of view. In the same way, the Sixties Weathermen Underground bombers got their name from a Bob Dylan line, "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing."  This name was one of Bill Ayers' early literary efforts, you might say. The bombs set in the Sixties by the Weatherman Underground were just a means to an end: Ayers and Dohrn wanted to become famous and earn their Leftist street cred. They didn't care if people died to make it happen. You gotta break some eggs to make that omelet.

Looking back in 1995 Ayers said,

"I am a radical, Leftist, small 'c' communist ... [Laughs] Maybe I'm the last communist who is willing to admit it. ... The ethics of Communism still appeal to me. I don't like Lenin as much as the early Marx." 

Those are very fine distinctions, Professor. Ayers "was never a Stalinist," he says, but in his lifetime the mass murderers were Mao Zedong and Pol Pot, who also, by some inexplicable coincidence, turned out to be communists. Small c or big, they didn't care. It's like a confirmed white racist saying he was never a Hitlerite. So what? You're still associated with mass murder, with all your "ethics of Communism."

After the Sixties the New Left "Marched Through the Institutions" -- a phrase derived from Mao Zedong, who may have killed some 40 million Chinese, but of course that is not relevant to Professor Ayers. The Boomer Left was wildly successful and conquered America and Europe from within. That is why our media, our culture, and our education system are what they are today. You can tell what a politician thinks today by his or her relationship to the Boomer Left. (Think Hillary versus Sarah.)

Splitting blacks from white Americans was always part of the plan, according to Bill Ayers himself, and according to his radical buds like J-Wright. See, the trouble with old-fashioned Communism in America was that the actual workers got rich as capitalism starts to work better and better. Plumbers were able to charge mucho dolares. Blue collar workers went out and bought SUVs and boats,  and went fishing. So the Left had to find a new, miserable proletariat, and right there were the inner city blacks, uprooted from their Christian families and work ethic in the South, often feeling lost and vulnerable. That's where Black Liberation Theology came in and the Black Muslims.  That's where ACORN recruited its heavies. That's where the Democrats get their most obedient voters to this very day.

Ayers himself spent half an adult lifetime as an "education professor," which in his twisted view comes down to brainwashing millions of kids to think just like him. He is the Great Indoctrinator, and very proud of it. That's the meaning of his infamous 2001 cover photo, stamping on the American flag. Remember this is a publicity photo -- it's a message to the masses. 

It has been speculated that Ayers ghosted at least one of Obama's two autobiographies, which seems likely on the face of it, though there is no proof positive. It would fit Ayers' particular pattern of malevolent narcissism and manipulativeness. You can imagine them tape-recording it together, and Ayers doing the write-up, Barack making the final touches, and off it goes to the (amazingly sympathetic) publisher.  John F. Kennedy received the Pulitzer Prize for Profiles in Courage, which was ghosted by speech writer Ted Sorensen.   It made Kennedy famous among liberal opinion mongers, just as Obama's autobiographies made him famous in that same fatuous circle. They figure if Obama can write, he must be one of the intellectual elite. But it's a fraud, of course, the same PR stunt Kennedy used, blessed by Joseph P. Kennedy's money and connections.

Obama is one of the ACORNs planted by the Left. He is the child of a Kenyan Third World socialist and a hippy chick from Kansas. Obama's white grandfather persuaded Frank Davis, the CPUSA propagandist in Hawaii, to become his teenage mentor.  Since Davis had revealed himself in his porn books to be a pedophile, it was quite a risk to take. But it was all for the great cause.

Obama's career path was constantly greased by Leftist zealots, well into Harvard Law and beyond. To get to Harvard he was backed by ranting black radical Don Warden, now known as Khaleed Al-Mansoor, a close advisor to both the Black Panthers and Saudi Prince  Bin Talal; Obama's early career may have been funded by his Saudi  friend. (The original Khaleed Al Mansoor was a Caliph of Baghdad. Al Qaida aims to re-establish the ancient Caliphate. This is not an accidental alliance.) The Saudi motive for being tight with black radicals is obvious; it may now be really paying off in Obama's election. This is not to say that it's as simple as allegations that Obama is a Muslim, or a having Muslim strings. It's just two kinds of radicalism with a common enemy: The modern world as symbolized by the United States.

Like the Saudis, it seems that the Syrians have also been interested in Chicago radicals. Tony Rezko is a dual US-Syrian citizen, who constantly traveled back to Syria "for business." In a place like Baathist Syria you can't do that without the active collusion of the regime; it's like Saddam Hussein's old regime. Rezko, who just got convicted of fraud in connection with Illinois Governor Blagojevich, contacted Obama even while he was still at Harvard, to offer him a job in Chicago. Obama turned him down, but showed up in Chicago later. Hyde Park is full of Old Lefties like Ayers. And oddly enough, it's also full of Muslim radicals and corruptos like Rezko. "Les extrêmes se touchent," as the French said when Hitler and Stalin made their famous Pact in 1938. "The extremes join hands." They are all totalitarians who will murder for power. The Saudis are world-destroying radicals in their own way; that's the creed of Mohammed. The Lefties are just religious fanatics in their own way. Give them a common enemy, and they stick to each other like powerful magnets.

Radical Jim McKnight also backed Obama's entry into Harvard Law. World Net Daily wrote:   

"McKnight, who enforced affirmative action for Attorney General Robert Kennedy, was far more than that to young Obama. He helped train him in the agitation tactics of Alinsky, who wrote the organizing manual, 'Rules for Radicals,' which he dedicated to mankind's 'very first radical, Lucifer.'"

And here we are today, with the first affirmative action presidential campaign. Tacit implied slogan: "You owe him your vote to make up for your racial guilt." Black slavery ended in 1863 at the cost of hundreds of thousands of mostly white lives in the Civil War; but never mind.  It makes perfect sense to all the millions of mind-numbed Obots.

Back in Chicago, Barack Obama was "spiritually mentored" for twenty years by wild man Jeremiah Wright, whose Liberation Theology has been called "Marxism" by none less than Pope Benedict himself --  a man who understands the difference between theology and atheist ideology. The New Republic describes Barack Obama listening to J-Wright in church, 

"Obama, sitting in the third row with his wife and two daughters, Malia and Natasha, stands, claps, prays, and sways along with the rest of the congregation. During the sermon, he watches the preacher carefully and writes notes."

Wonder if the Obama campaign would like to share those sermon notes with the voters? Oh, I forgot, the Obamas didn't know what J-Wright was screaming out on all those Sundays in church. Well, forget it then.

Wright started out being a Muslim and Black Nationalist, close to the Black Muslim movement of Louis Farrakhan, and became a Christian of convenience. How do we know? Because his creed has no God and no humility. All it has is rage and racism, following the Alinsky formula (from Marx and Lenin) that's it's essential first to whip up a lot of hatred for the enemy. That's what J-Wright does very well.    

All this was a great career move for J-Wright, making him a high-paid agitator, or -- pahdon me --  a "community activist." That's the connection with ACORN, the network of "community activists," who packed the early caucus states in the Democrat primaries for Obama to beat Hillary. By packing the caucuses they got around the need for a vote by majority of registered Democrats. Bolshevik playbook, anybody? But then Mayor Richard Daley the Elder would also recognize that one.

Black Liberation "Theology" is hodge-podge Marxism under the guise of Christianity. It has no place for God, who is just subsumed under the next excuse for racial agitation.  BLT is nothing but the mutated Marx virus, now deeply nestled in the body of a new host. In Chicago radical circles, even a sinister egomaniac like Father Michael Pfleger can openly inflame racial hatred against Hillary Clinton (!), and the Catholic diocese can't even fire him. The infectious virus has taken over the host.

Obama's campaign is just filled with little inside references to Communism. The speech in Berlin began with the words, "Citizens of the World!" --- a blatant echo of Marx and Engels' most famous slogan, "Workers of the World, Unite!" -- the last line of the Communist Manifesto. That's not close to the American tradition of political speech-making. It's pure 19th century Europe. Marx and Engels were Prussians, imbued with the Prussian sense of imperialist superiority.  Berlin is the capital of Prussia, and became the capital of the united German Reich, cobbled together by Otto Bismarck.

The European Union is a quintessential Bismarckian enterprise, and Bismarck was the original model for the worldwide imperialism of Marx.  Yes, things went off the tracks a little bit in the Third Reich, but so what? Anybody can make a few bloopers. That's why the European Left loves Obama: They recognize him as one of their own. He gives out all those old beloved signals. Barack Obama is emphatically not a politician in the American mold. He is an alien in a very profound cultural sense.

Obama organized his rally of 200,000 Berliners in front of the Prussian war monument. The whole Marx-worshipping Left understands that. It's like Martin Luther King giving his speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The location is the message.

Getting the rock band the Decembrists to start his biggest American mass rally in Portland, OR after beating Hillary was another signal to the insiders.  The Decembrists are known for beginning their concerts with the Internationale, the Soviet imperial anthem.  All these little hints are dropped to give the Left that little thrill of knowing something nobody else knows. It's childish, yes, but it's also a sign of who is coming into power if Obama wins. This is a bunch of very long-thinking, very radical, very egomaniacal folks, with deep roots in the old CP USA.

Today's Democrat Party is dominated by them. Just look at the evidence. It's all there once you start looking. It's not even hidden very well. But you have to be willing to face it.

When Obama debated Hillary he plainly gave her the middle finger, to the delighted whoops and shouts of his own supporters.    You can see the YouTube video right here. His supporters went nuts as soon as he gave that "FU" sign on his cheek, while saying that Hillary is "in her element." 

That's Obama's style: Look good to the dumb American masses, but give off those little finger symbols to the insiders. But "don't make any sudden moves," or you'll scare the whites. It's clever and devious. It's "the O-dacity" of Obamanism. 

This whole campaign is dominated by double messages: Obama pretends to be a traditional American politician, while dropping constant winks and nods to the radical Left, who are yucking it up in the background. The message? "I'm your guy. Let me lie to the sucker masses, and we'll clean them out after I get into the White House."

Obama is surrounded by a tight circle of Communist billionaires. That's another old pattern. Karl Marx was supported by his wealthy friend Friedrich Engels. Frank Davis was married to a white Chicago socialite -- a socialist socialite. Bill Ayers is heir to his dad's Commonwealth Edison connections and fortune. Penny Pritzker is heiress to the Hyatt fortune. Al Gore's father was in the pocket of KGB billionaire paymaster Armand Hammer, whose very adopted name was a pun on a famous Communist symbol of the workers'  "arm holding the hammer."  Ironically, Armand Hammer ran Occidental Petroleum, which made the Gore family rich. But Al Gore, Jr. is now running a bloated campaign against oil, because it is doomed to destroy the planet.

Gore still runs with the wealthiest revolutionary capitalists in the world, the Google and Apple founders, who like all smart kids are eager to conquer the Earth -- for the good of the poor and disadvantaged, of course!  They are just so unselfish. For that matter the Ford and MacArthur Foundations are now funding the Left. "Pinch" Sulzberger is the hereditary boss at the New York Times, for all the world like a hereditary aristocrat in Old Europe. Big money speculator Gyorgyi Soros is just the latest addition to a long string of revolutionary billionaires, eager to carry on the mission of old Karl the rabble-rouser. It fits their amazing snobbery to a T. They are the new Ruling Class in their own minds. 

These are not American Democrats or liberals in any traditional sense. They are European-style rich Sixty-Eighters (soixant-huiteurs), and they pay for radicals to make their empty lives meaningful. They think they are born to rule, and will do anything for power. Nicholas Sarkozy started his presidency of France by bitterly attacking the 68ers for systematically ruining French culture. Sound familiar?

So is Obama a puppet of revolutionary billionaires? CORE's Niger Innis seemed to say so: 

"I am not surprised to learn about this," said Niger Innis, spokesman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). "It is clear that Barack Obama's ties to the left are familial, generational, and have lasted for several years."

He meant several decades.

But Barack Obama is a lifelong chameleon, opportunist and Shakespearian con man. It's impossible to know who is pulling whose strings. Obama has ridden his revolutionary friends to his present pinnacle of power -- well within reach of the American presidency. Once he gets there, he can screw his backers -- if he decides to, and if they can't blackmail him to keep him under control.

My guess is that Obama could jump either way if he is elected. But I don't want to find out. Gambling the fate of the United States on a fifty-fifty toss of a nickel is a very bad idea.

Rule 1 for November 4: Don't risk destroying the country.

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