Presidential Race: A Mommy vs. Daddy Thing

Maybe this election has less to do with Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (a film involving a young black professional who's well-dressed, well-mannered, and educated and internationally known and respected) and more to do with Leave it to Beaver.  Or rather, the Left's view of the idea of the 50s/60s television show:  The father out in the real world - earning -- advancing, while the mother is chained -- chained mind you -- in the kitchen-in attractive pumps-cooking, cleaning and doing dishes. 

Or maybe it's both?  A sort of duel between the sacred and profane.

Just for fun, let's look at an Obama/Palin juxtaposition as a Mommy vs. Daddy thing.  You read it right: Obama as Mommy and Palin as Daddy.  As soon as you do that, the whole thing makes sense.

We have Sarah Palin as Mr. Cleaver in a dress, and the name Cleaver, isn't that a crypto-fascist metaphor for control through fear and violence?  The sharp and glistening cutting tool used to hack into innocent flesh-you know, the 60s Peace and Love Generation.  (Let's forget about Bill Ayers, domestic terrorism and bombings . . .)

Palin is the embodiment of everything the Left assaulted in its great 60s offensive against American tradition with every overt and covert ‘ism' at their disposal.  ‘Isms' which they continue to use:  Cultural Relativism, Moral Relativism, Deconstructionism, Multiculturalism, and let's toss in Political Correctness for good measure.  And let us not forget Feminism and what the Left sees as the impudence of the interloper.

Sarah Palin has the audacity to be a woman, a lowly Hockey Mom at that, and a PTA member who rose from town council member to town mayor, having the unmitigated gall to run for and then be elected governor.  She's done all this by pulling herself up by her own boot straps -- jackboots no doubt, with shiny black leather, waxed and ready to kick, oh so innocent and idealistic liberal buttocks. 

The fact that she is intelligent, articulate, and a successful athlete is not relevant. She has no Ivy League education, and actual went to a community college -- twice!  Her very existence in the political area has driven the Left to the point of seething rage.  The MSM's assault on Palin is massive and continual.  She's denounced partly because she is a gun-totting NRA member, who actually shots things and eats them, which must be a blasphemy in itself.  And knowing she's a Bible thumping lunatic only stokes their fury.

If Palin had only been a man, the opportunity of casting aspersions on her as a drunk would've sent the MSM in orgiastic ecstasy.  What would have made the MSM's thighs really tingle would've been adding the possibility of Palin being an abusive father-figure.  And that brings us to Barack Obama.

As He is beyond reproach, because the Left says so, what is there to say?  Not much, as the MSM continues in its rabid defense of Barack Obama as he if was the abused mother-figure.  What part of his character can be explored?  None, because it is all about race. 

Barack Obama is eligible to run for the office of the President of the United States, and rightly so.  He is eligible by birth, because of his white American mother.  Of course, this very statement can be seen as racist.  Why?  Because the MSM and the Democratic Party say so.   But, none the less, it is true.  Barack's father was black and Kenyan by virtue of his birth on the African continent and lack of naturalization.  But to mention that fact is not racist, but it should be, because a human being should be judged, not by his color, but by the content of his character. 

Okay, Barack Obama can't slip into Mrs. Cleaver's décolletage, but for the sake of the analogy, the abused mother-figure suits him.  He does display all those motherly qualities and he expresses not only his deep concerns, but reservations about America, a quasi-house where he says we all live in perpetual disharmony.  He wants to be the one to fairly divvy up all the goodies to everyone.  He wants to provide all the bandages when we have boo-boos, and he wants to talk to all the bullies in the global neighborhood and make them good, peaceful and understanding.  He can do all that, he says so.  To think otherwise is probably racist . . .

Here and now, all this must stop, because there are times when what is said by the Democratic Party and the MSM is not as it appears.  In this little foray into the ridicules, the Mommy vs. Daddy thing -- the abusive father-figure vs. the abused mother-figure, all is a tragic comedy. 

The figures are not what they are made out to be.  Sarah Palin is not an abusive father-figure or some collusive Snidely Whiplash character twisting the points of a spindly mustache contemplating a way to steal the anguished woman's rent money.   But after a fashion, she is Mr. Cleaver, the Mr. Cleaver who worked to support his family and home, and teach his children right from wrong, and how to avoid bad friends, because by the company you keep, you shall be known. 

If Sara Palin is not who she is said to be, then who is Barack Obama?  Is He the abused mother-figure of our comic tragedy?   But to ask is probably racist.

But not to ask is a dangerous disservice. 

Who are you, this abused mother-figure so desperately guarded by a fast and furious MSM and a political party so bent on winning that their candidate must remain untouched as if He may be despoiled by the foul hands of others.  Is Barack Obama that untouchable or that deceptive? 

What's behind all the calls of racism?  It appears to be fear, fear that the trappings -- the disguise of this abused mother-figure might be stripped away, revealing not Mrs. Cleaver enslaved in the kitchen, but a Mommy Dearest who is a dangerously enigmatic performer who keeps bad company.