The press discovers 'unconscious racism'

The Associated Press has discovered racism, and it's in you --- yes,  you, the ones who have doubts about Obama.    

How was the AP able to read your ugly racist mind? By looking at word association, a method that was pioneered a hundred years ago by psychologist Carl Jung. It turns out that for almost half of the voters blacks are associated with words like "violent" and "lazy." AP along with psychologists at Stanford University found that "40 percent of all white Americans hold at least a partly negative view toward blacks, and that includes many Democrats and independents."

Well, I could have told them that. How many people walk into a black inner city neighborhood at night without fear? Including black people?

Let's suppose the AP's results are true, just for the sake of argument. The next question should be: Do negative attitudes toward blacks reflect reality or prejudice? As Alan Keyes often says, is it just adult judgment to be critical of many blacks (especially those who blindly follow Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright) or is it irrational race hatred?

Can you think of any reason why the word "black" might be associated with "violent" in America? Well, P Diddy can. He was recently quoted as saying in regard to Sarah Palin:

""Alaska, M*****F*****? ... There's not even no crackheads in Alaska. There's not even no blacks in Alaska. There's not even no crime."

Now Mr. P Diddy is a gangster rapper. Violence, anybody? Gangster rap is the music of gang bangers that has been popularized and celebrated by white and black media. No matter how many blacks and white get hurt in the process.

Even Louis Farrakhan is critical of black crime and social pathology. The only black leaders who are not critical of bad stuff like that are Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson -- and they are cynically profiting from black suffering in order to blame it all on whitey.

So are 40 percent of whites wrong to be critical of black crime, when P Diddy associates blacks with crime? "There's not even no crime" in Alaska, said the gentleman.

Well, let's try this other "sophisticated" psychological test.

What are your first word associations with:

1. Clarence Thomas

2. Condoleezza Rice

3. Thomas Sowell

4. Rosa Parks

5. Bill Cosby

6. New Orleans Jazz

7. Duke Ellington

8. J.C. Watts

9. Col. Allen West

10. Colin Powell

I can tell you some of mine. Clarence Thomas: warmth, courage, admiration. Condi Rice: Guts, achievement, grace, beauty. Rosa Parks: Heroism. New Orleans Jazz: happiness. Col. Alan West: guts, heroism, spine, morality.

You see, what's happened here is that blacks as a group have been screwed by the media, white and black, which has elevated gangster rappers over heroes. That has only been true since the rise of the Politically Correct culture, the rise of the Black and White Left.

What has happened since the Civil Rights revolution is a lethal failure of leadership in much of the black community -- not all of it, thank heavens. But the courageous people who have taken a stand against social pathology in the black inner city neighborhoods are often attacked and abused for it. Even Barack Obama was attacked by Jesse Jackson after being critical of black rates of social pathology.

This is another reason why Barack Obama should not be elected. Obama may have the capacity to grow to a mature and positive leader of the black community, one who can help lead his people out of their self-imposed slavery -- to drugs, to violence, to glorification of music that celebrates women as "hos" and "bitches," and men as "n words." The media, black and white, and the music industry, have done a terrible, terrible disservice to black people ever since the rise of Politically Correct politics. Before that the music industry was one of the great symbols of black creativity and achievement. Just think "gospel," "jazz," "soul music," "Motown," "rhythm and blues."

That is why I have the greatest admiration for Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell and other heroic black conservatives. These are the people who should be the most admired: Not P Diddy, not Louis Farrakhan, not Jesse Jackson. Those are the bad guys who have surrendered and profited from social pathology, not fought it. And they know that very well.

When whites are critical of blacks they are said to be racists. When blacks are critical of whites they are said to be righteous angry. But it doesn't matter what you call it: The real question is, is it good for people? Black rage against whites is an instrument for the Jeremiah Wrights of this world, the exploitative demagogues who make a fat living off black despair.

That is why I believe that the time has not yet come for someone like Barack Obama to be elected president. Why? Because Obama would bring in 2,700 liberal appointees, people who have grown fat and rich and powerful from the suffering and media degradation of blacks. These are not people who ever solve problems. All they know is how to make them worse.

When America gets its first black president, he or she should be someone who can bring out the positive leaders, not the demagogues, not the exploiters, not the modern slave-holders -- because you enslave people through selling and celebrating drugs, through glorifying unsafe and irresponsible sex, by violent crime, by denigrating education as "acting white" -- in sum, by denying black responsibility for black actions. The destructive people should be shunned for the harm they do. No responsible politician - black or white -- would then associate with them.

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