Sarah Palin and the Archetype of the American Frontierswoman

Now that the early hysteria has died down, the legacy media is moving into the second phase of their assault against Sarah Palin: sometimes regretful, but stern (often mocking) disapproval over her enormous and un-ignorable shortcomings. We'll know we've reached phase three -- "Palin's moment is over" when they dig up a few rogue "Republicans" to express "second thoughts".  According to Jon Friedman, the media is simply going to close their eyes to Palin until she goes away.) But none of it will stick any more than the savage first-stage attacks stuck.  Palin will see it through because of her courage, her intelligence, and her steadfastness, but also because she's Maureen O'Hara.Maureen O'Hara is not particularly a household name anymore. An actress of the golden age of Hollywood, she's still around today, at close to ninety. She's said to remain a striking figure, and is still quite active -- a few years ago she was grand marshal of...(Read Full Article)