Big Labor's Billion Dollar Bet on Obama

The dirty little secret of Big Labor's massive support for the Obama campaign is the anticipated end to state right-to-work-laws and secret ballots in unionization campaigns.On June 26, the AFL-CIO brass officially endorsed Barack Obama for president.  With Big Labor's largest umbrella organization and its member unions pouring unprecedented resources into the general election campaign, the public ought to fear the legislative payback that would ensue if Obama were elected.Indeed, Big Labor is launching its largest political campaign in its history, and this year, more than ever, Big Labor means Big Money.  The union conglomerate is already sending teams of canvassers to knock on doors in swing states.  Unions are distributing 1.5 million flyers and sending 500,000 targeted attack mailers to voters as well.The two largest union coalitions -- the AFL-CIO and the "Change to Win" Federation, a coalition of the American labor unions formed in 2005 as an...(Read Full Article)