The Audacity Hustle

"I've been hustled," said Obama, after a Euro tabloid fell down and worshipped his big muscles at the gym during the Ego Trip to Germany.  Well, yes. The Euromedia instantly recognized a slick hustler from America, and they celebrated his Ego Trip with giant headlines for Marxoman. But the real victims in Obama's Audacity Hustle are millions of gawking, slack-jawed, suckered, mind-numbed voters in America. Because Europe and Obama share the same overriding goal, which is to hitch America to the wagon of worldwide socialist elites. Marxists really love America, you see -- but only if America bows to the Party Line. That's the Audacity Hustle we are seeing today.

The Obama campaign sends completely different messages to different audiences.  He sends out reassuring 'post-racial' messages to Middle America.  But he also sends out race-baiting messages to his adoring fans. As he just said, he "doesn't look like those other presidents on the dollar bills" (big laugh from the libs).   

A lot of gay messages were sent out by the big Speech to Planet Earth at Berlin's Tiergarten -- the Berlin zoo, a center of gay life, right by a nude park for gay men, which the media somehow forgot to tell you about. The gym photo op was really part of Obama's gay outreach. Obama is getting a ton of money from gays. That's another message they won't tell you about.

Most of all, Americans don't realize that  the Obama campaign is constantly sending out famous Marxist slogans,  which are instantly understood by the radical Left, including Obama's buddies in the Black Liberation movement. Then Senator O tells the oil companies to send a thousand bucks to each American, playing the anti-capitalism card that they love so well. It's all part of the Audacity Hustle.

Obama is running the most audacious campaign in American history. But the Hustle only works for the real suckers. It's up to honest conservatives to tell people what's going on. 

Senator O began his German Tiergarten speech with "Citizens of the world!" -- a direct echo of "Workers of the world!" from the Communist Manifesto of 1848. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote their Communist Manifesto in German, and German school children know it pretty much by rote. So his 200,000 German listeners knew exactly what he was saying, even if the American audience didn't. It's all part of the Audacity Hustle. 

Or take the Obama slogan, "We are the change we've been waiting for!"  It's repeated in The Obama Hustle over and over again. But it's just Fidel Castro's slogan, "La Revolucion Somos Nosotros!" --- "We are the Revolution!" That slogan been dinned into the ears of starving Cubans for fifty years. But Leftist snobs just love it. So the Obama campaign just translated Castro's big slogan into English, changed "the revolution" to "the change" --- and presto! -- we get the Audacity Hustle: "We are the change we've been waiting for!"

The Leftist in-crowd just loves how Obama is putting Castro's propaganda over on millions of ignorant American suckers. It's just the Audacity Hustle, folks. Just break the code, and it all becomes crystal clear.

Obama's Leninist image-making is no accident either. Most Americans don't know that Obama's Soviet Realism pics are just imitation Lenin posters. The fake Presidential Seal that was quickly dropped when it was widely understood as just another piece of Obama: premature electile disorder. But we should see it as another part of that ole' Audacity Hustle.    

The same thing for The Decembrist rock band to echo the Russian Decemberist rebellion. That's why the Decembrist rockers play the Soviet National Anthem to start their concerts. Get it? See how hip and superior the in-crowd really is, and how easy it is to sucker the Great American Public? They'll pay good money for Communist Agitprop! What a laugh

Reparations for slavery -- finished 150 years ago in America at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives -- is all part of the package. The Soviets worked tens of millions of real slaves to death in their factories and Gulags until 1989 -- but nobody is asking the Soviets for reparations for their living victims.   It's all part of the fraudulent Marxist history of the world.

Devout Jews were sucker-punched last week when Obama inserted a "prayer slip" into the Temple Wall in Jerusalem, the holiest site in Judaism.  In violation of the sacred privacy of the most intimate and heart-rending prayers by devout Jews, the Obama campaign immediately leaked his PR message to Ma'ariv, a militantly secular Leftist newspaper in Israel. It was, let's face it, a "Jewish Suckers!" message to the devout, who are openly and actively despised by the Left.

(The whole idea that Obama is a devout Christian is another fraud; he's a militant atheist, just like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. That is why "Black Liberation Theology" has no place at all for the Judeo-Christian God of forgiveness. BLT is a theology of revenge, much more like militant Islam.)

Now I'm not saying that Obama is a real Marxist; he might be suckering his Marxist buddies, too. Obama is a people-pleasing hustler, and he may not have any convictions at all. (Bill Clinton doesn't).  I am just pointing to what Obama is doing -- sending out contradictory sucker messages every single day.  He's got them for Leftists, blacks, whites, gays, Jews, Christians -- and soon, when he picks his Veep running mate, he will have a big message for the Hillary feminists.

All the Obama messages say the same thing: You can trust the Messiah of our Age! He's one of you!

Obama is Bill Clinton without the integrity.

Watch for the Audacity Hustle for the next hundred days, and maybe for the next eight years. But only if Americans fall down for the biggest sucker job in American history.

Suck - errrrrs!

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