When is Obama Not Lying?

Barack the messiah has fallen from grace. Here he was, a "racial healer," a hip Hypester straight from Change & Hope, hypnotizing millions of worshippers, a modern William Jennings Bryant dazzling the mobs with the image of an America crucified on a Cross of Gold. Well, recently Obama is just another shifty-eyed, moondancin' pol from the Chicago Machine, playing the race card like Jesse Jackson, even according to The New Yorker   He makes outright deals with corruptocrat Tony Rezko to get his home cheapand with the Teamsters to buy their election troops in exchange for Federal oversight leniency   He's been lolling in bed with the wild-eyed zealots of ACORN for ten years or more.   

The liberal media are down on him today -- but of course they're counting on the Braindead Vote to forget all about that in November when they lift him up again, just in time for the election. They're stuck with O'Bumbler, and he knows it.

So Obama has been lying his head off. Can we count the ways? On Iraq, he's was agin' it before, but he's for it now On Iran, he's was for it before, and agin' it now  On FISA terrorist surveillance, he just voted for what the hysterical Left has convinced itself to be a Nazi attack on civil rights On Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he's danced about that one half a dozen times, always ending up on a different side.  But liberal Jews will still vote for him, because they hate George W. Bush more than they love reality.

Obama is going to attack John McCain from the right, believe it or not, figuring that the Sucker Vote will fall for it. And he might be right.

So when is Obama not lying? When you catch him unawares. He wasn't lying in his San Francisco sneers for the white voters of Pennsylvania.   He wasn't lying when he said everybody (except Obama) should learn Spanish. He wasn't lying when he was riffing about a jazz-based Black identity curriculum to fix all the education problems of the inner city. He wasn't lying when he said that Iran is just a "tiny country" (it isn't) that poses no threat to the US (it does). He was just riffin' free like a rock guitar player in all those cases,  just out of the inspiration of the moment, but he wasn't lying.

You have to remember, though, that he's a quick study, and he'll fix all the dumb mistakes in no time. Obama is a rookie who's learning to act like a pro fast -- but he has no depth of knowledge about anything that matters. He's a pure creature of the dogmatic Left -- during his adolescence with Frank Marshall Davis, in his education at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Law, in his alliance with ACORN and Bill Ayers, in his two autobiographies, in his Alinsky period as a community agitator -- excuse me, "organizer" -- when he clung to such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright because it served his vast ambitions.  Obama is the slickest empty suit the Democrats have had since the early Clintons. That's what they wanted, and that's what they got.

The biggest question is still why Barack Obama is so sure, deep in his heart, that he's qualified to lead this country of 300 million human souls at a time of war and crisis? Why is a rookie Illinois legislator who constantly played footsie with the Chicago Machine, with Black "Liberation" Theology -- the new psychic slavery for inner city Black folks -- and with corruptos like Tony Rezko -- why is this slick street hustler so profoundly  convinced that he, and only he, can save this country and the Planet?

That question belongs somewhere in the depths of human pathology. It has something to do with being abandoned by his father and mother in Hawaii and Indonesia, and leaning on old mentor Frank to imagine a messianic future for him. But it's no qualification to wildly overestimate your own experience and abilities so that you are just living in your own rockstar fantasy life. That was the way of Bill and Hillary, the Arkansas country slicksters, who also had liberals by the millions suckered to the gills.

So when is Obama not lying? When he blurts out his real opinions in private. Fortunately he is so undisciplined and overconfident that he'll do that often enough. And Obama's wife Michelle is a genuine PC Commissar, straight from the Russian steppes, who just cannot think outside of the racial resentment box This is Hillary & Bill, Version 2.0; a trendier paint job but the same old putt-putt under the hood. 

Well, the Dems and the media sold us eight years of the Clintons in 1992, culminating in the 9/11 disaster in New York City and the Pentagon. This time the liberal powers are going to try again with a couple of Black slicksters. They will lie and lie and lie and still be covered up by the media. Get ready.

And if you want to save your country, go all out for the only choice we have. You don't have to like John McCain --- all you have to do is contemplate the alternative. 

And pray for your country. Your country will need it.

James Lewis blogs at dangeroustimes.wordpress.com.
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