Those Who Choose the Sword: Deciphering Modern Terrorism

Those Who Choose the Sword: Deciphering Modern Terrorism
by Brett A. McCrea (Infinity, 184 pages, $15.95)
First, I would like to congratulate Brett McCrea for having written a very interesting, informative and thought provoking book. As he states in the introduction, his purpose is not to provide answers, but rather to instigate thought and discussion about combating terrorist organizations. The details of the well-documented descriptions of what the IRA, Hezb'allah and al Qa'ida profess and have done are valuable and fascinating in and of themselves. However, at least to me, what McCrea describes is of even greater importance because of its implications regarding the West's self-destructive adherence to political correctness and diversity. He wisely let his readers experience their own realizations, for in that way they have greater impact while not distracting from the author's intent.

Second, using the IRA as one of the example terrorist organizations greatly added to the impact of McCrea's intellectual prodding. This approach clearly demonstrates that the religious dimension of Hezb'allah and al Qa'ida is greatly exaggerated by the MSM and our political establishment. Though religion plays a more central role in those organizations than it ever did in the IRA, the nearly interchangeable descriptions of how terrorist recruit, train, organize, fund, supply, plan and execute terror attacks brings into stark realization that they are basically political and not religious organizations. The primary difference seems to be that the IRA recruits in bars while the Muslim organizations do so in mosques. One only has to keep in mind that in Muslim countries the mosque is as much of a social center as is a bar in Ireland. 

Third, the preoccupation of our leftist/liberal politicians, the MSM and most of the elite academicians with the actions and missteps of the Bush administration, rather than the deeds of the terrorists, is very troubling. After reading the book, and assuming that such information must be available to and read by many in those groups, I have a gnawing suspicion that there must be more in the hearts the leftist establishment than just a radical chic sympathy for the terrorist. I cannot imagine that there is not,  nor that there has never been, any aiding or abetting of terrorist organizations by America's loyal liberals. Of course, only the "Shadow" knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. However, I'm not above taking a prudent stab at it.

I would like to see the book widely read as it achieves its stated purpose of stimulating thought regarding terrorism and how to combat it. For better or worse, it has certainly given me a much greater appreciation of just how well organized, financed and dedicated the world's "purposeful" terrorists organizations are. My greatest fear is that too few Americans have the same dedication to the preservation of freedom as do the Islamo-fascists in their pursuit of "jihad." Americans would do well to demand a good deal more of themselves when it comes to the challenges posed by modern Islamic terrorist organizations. Contrary to President Bush's post-9/11 suggestion that Americans should go on with their lives as unperturbedly as possible, a society addicted to the "Sesame Street" learning-as-entertainment school of education; the "American Idol" entertainment-isn't-everything-it's-the-only-thing billboard; the "Oprah Winfrey" life-is-all-about-how-you-feel philosophy;  and the "Jerry Springer" let-me-entertitillate-you-what-else-is-there brand; well, that society is no match for Hezb'allah, al Qa'ida and their ilk. 

And they know it. 2008