Real Men Dearth

Society is promoting an entirely new type of leader: the wimpToday's television hero doesn't have big muscles, wear a cowboy hat or fly. He smirks. NBC's popular series The Office reflects this trend quintessentially: promotion of the beta male. Jim Halpert, unofficial "hero" of the program, does little more than raise an eyebrow at the camera as he lives a day-in, day-out life of quiet passivity. His most aggressive action is the occasional practical joke. At last year's season finale, he turned down a managerial position. A man of action he's not. According to program writer Justin Spitzer, Jim is the antithesis of the alpha male. His counterpart, office boss Michael Scott -- devoid of self-awareness, tact or any real leadership capabilities -- is the only suggestion of another type of male.There's no question the script sets up him and Office darling Pam as the couple to watch. Will the benign beta male get the girl? You want him to. He's promoted as humorous, lovable and...(Read Full Article)