High Gas Prices and the Marxist tactic of Crisis revolution

Karl Marx, (1818-1883), believed capitalism was the next to last stage in the evolution to an earthly utopia, which would be ushered in through revolution; a revolution resulting from the tensions that existed between workers and the owners of production. According to Marx, the final stage of this evolution toward utopia would result when workers rose up in revolution to overthrow the business owners who were exploiting them through a capitalistic economy. We know Marx's "utopia" and other aspects of his philosophy by their more prominent name: communism.

Marx's predictions grew out of his atheistic worldview; a worldview that made him hostile toward private property and the accumulation of wealth through capitalistic means. Although his perceptions of the exploitation of workers and his solidarity with those workers has been rigorously tested and found wanting by historian Paul Johnson, his support for communism and his hatred of privatization and its corresponding freedoms have been a mainstay of the Left since at least 1917, when Vladimir Lenin took them to heart and threw Russia into revolution.

Like Marx, Lenin pointed to the struggles and dichotomies in Russian society in order to postulate solutions; solutions to problems that were not always there. From roughly 1915 through 1917, Lenin repeatedly decried the exploitation of the Russian workers by the land and business owners. This "crisis" not only justified, according to Lenin's rhetoric, but demanded a revolution that would take power away from the land owners and give "power to the people."

Lenin's revolution against the "greedy" landowners was carried out at the end of a gun.  The gun was necessary because the crisis Lenin saw was not a crisis that every Russian believed to be real. But as Crane Briton has pointed out in his work on revolutionaries, Lenin was willing to use force to move his countrymen toward what he thought was best for them, whether they agreed with him or not.  Lenin's implementation of Marxism was so stringent, so accurately in tune with Marx's own predilections for government intervention in every facet of life that Marxism came to be referred to as Marxism/Leninism.

Sadly, this practice of creating a crisis in order to implement a solution has become a staple in today's Democratic Party. Although each individual Democrat may not hold Marxism/Leninism as his or her political and ideological paradigm, many Democrats in Congress hold to the resulting methodology and have adopted passing legislation as their method for revolution and their solution for every type of crisis known to man, be it healthcare, the environment,  gun violence or energy problems. For the Democrats, every crisis is but a segue toward the passage of more and more legislation, furthering the revolution while enslaving the very people they claim to be liberating.

When Bill Clinton constantly perceived various crises which demanded solutions that involved the passage of a new laws, he was unapologetically using the Marxist/Leninist "crisis revolution" tactic to spur passage of Leftist-legislation. For example, with each violent crime, like Columbine or other public shootings that took place during his presidency, Clinton pushed for more gun control to alleviate the crisis but he never enforced laws which were already established. The National Rifle Association's Wayne La Pierre rightly saw through Clinton's façade and said publicly that Clinton was tolerating an increase in death and suffering among the American citizenry in order to force the people to adopt and further the gun control programs of the Democrat party. As a result, by creating a crisis sufficient to secure passage of his legislation rather than enforcing the laws that would keep the lives of many single mothers and low income families of every race safer in their neighborhoods and housing units, Clinton actually contributed to the lawlessness that made the streets of our larger cities more dangerous

Clinton's presidency ended in 2001, yet the disturbing fact is that Marxist/Leninist ideology and method of "crisis revolution" has rarely been stronger and more dangerous among Democrats than it is right now. The current revolutionary cry is to tax the "greedy," American-owned oil companies for their "wind-fall" profits. In much the same way that Clinton spoke of gun companies in the 1990s, today's Democrats demean oil companies with their "shame on you for what you're doing to the American people" approach, while simultaneously refusing to allow domestic drilling, to increase offshore drilling, or to drill in ANWR.  

Like Clinton, the Congressional Democrats, who have created the current crisis, will allow a certain degree of suffering on the part of the people in order to insure their agenda is furthered. They will continue to blame and punish "big oil" for the rise in gas prices just as Clinton blamed and punished Smith & Wesson for the violent crimes that took place while he was in office. Moreover, like Lenin, these Democrats will try to to push their agenda through even if many of their countrymen fail to place the blame on "big oil." With the backing of the federal government, today's Marxist/Leninist leaning Democrat party will implement their agenda through "crisis revolution" at the expense of the people by using scare tactics, and raw force when necessary, to silence their detractors.

We must pay attention to the history of Marxist/Leninist ideology and methodology. Lenin's revolution gave the people death instead of power, Clinton's pursuit of gun control endangered American lives instead of curbing violence, and the current path of today's Democrats will only result in even higher energy prices and therefore less discretionary spending by the citizens, which will result in a subsequent drag on our economy that could bring us down a notch from our superpower status; the latter of which has been the real goal of the Left all along.

Therefore, whether one considers Lenin, Clinton, or today's Obama-led Democrat party, the bottom line is in the end, the people will suffer at the hands of an office holder who uses "crisis revolution" tactics to further their Leftist, legislative agenda. This means we will continue paying excruciatingly high prices in order to give Democrats the opportunity to pull a bait and switch, whereby they can continue to lessen our oil supply by standing in the way of domestic drilling while simultaneously mounting a campaign against the "shameful profits" of American oil companies. Like good Marxists, they do this in order to distract us from the fact that all the class envy and bitterness that undergirds their policies is robbing us of a burgeoning, profitable capitalist society rather than bringing us into a promised utopia.

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