Gore Celebrates Israel's 60th With Whoppers

After delivering a scientifically inept global warming lecture in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, greenhouse gasbag Al Gore presented Israel with a 60th birthday gift of custom tailored, regionally-targeted Globaloney.

As adaptable to his surroundings as any desert snake, the shameless Nobel laureate told conference attendees that plunging water levels in their lakes and rivers were the result of -- guess what?  Quothe the Goracle:

"In this region of the world, the water crisis is one of the most important manifestations of the global climate change crisis."

In reporting the story, the Associated Press offered this explanation for his reasoning:

"Water levels in Israel's major bodies of water are dropping quickly. The level of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, has receded about 3 feet (1 meter) each year for the past 25 years. The Jordan River, the biblical location of Jesus' baptism, is only a few feet (centimeters) [sic] deep in some places."

Well put, but here's the problem -- while the waters are dropping, any allusions to a global warming connection are as bogus as AP's English-to-metric conversion (which I've taken the liberty to highlight).

As universally accepted and explained here by the Smithsonian, since the Dead Sea's outlet to its original affluent -- the Sea of Galilee -- evaporated about 18,000 years ago, it has maintained equilibrium by receiving "fresh water from rivers and streams from the mountains that surround it" to offset evaporation. But that changed 40 some odd years ago:

"Until the 1950s, the flow of fresh water equaled the rate of evaporation, and Dead Sea water levels held steady. Then in the 1960s, Israel built an enormous pumping station on the banks of the Sea of Galilee, diverting water from the upper Jordan, the Dead Sea's prime source, into a pipeline system that supplies water throughout the country. To make matters worse, in the 1970s Jordan and Syria began diverting the Yarmouk, the lower Jordan River's main tributary."

Gore's baloney aside, it was - in fact -- the diversion to farmland, hydroelectric projects and cities of 90 percent of the rivers that feed it that was responsible for the Dead Sea's dramatic declines.  And the 1970 Yarmouk channel diversion only exacerbated the negative impact that Israel's 1964 Sea of Galilee damming was already having on Jordan River depths.

Neither of these phenomena resulted from the "planetary emergency" Gore told the Israelis we face. Not content to merely peddle his claptrap, he brazenly appealed to  the "Jewish people's 'sense of justice' to help overcome the global warming crisis."

Hours later, Gore would only further his fraudulence.  In a keynote speech to Tel Aviv University's International Conference on Renewable Energy, he hyped the unproven perils of carbon, and then repeated his trademark "consensus" ruse: [my emphasis]

"Our scientists have given us the diagnosis: We're burning too many carbon-based fuels. We got a first diagnosis, a second and a third. Last January, we got a fifth opinion. Three thousand scientists from 130 countries have been studying this for 20 years. Scientists were asked how certain they were of their findings, and said they were 99-percent certain."

Strange he neglected to mention the 32,000 scientists who have signed the "Oregon petition" that rejects Gore's calamitous projections, any Kyoto-style emissions caps, and the very premise of manmade global warming outright.

Nor did such greenhouse gas bubble-bursting detract him from deviously augmenting his earlier plea to the Jewish state's "sense of justice" with these to its moral duty -- as he perceives it -- conveyed as pure pontificated gibberish: 

"The people of Israel stand in my moral imagination as guardians of the proposition that we as human beings are answerable to moral duties, that there are ethical laws that should guide our decisions and choices. At this moment in history when, for the first time, all of the people of this earth have to make a clear, seemingly difficult but really quite simple moral judgment about our future, the people of Israel can lead the way to a renewable future."

I've shredded Gore's AGW lies quite a few times here at AT, including here, here, here and here.  And a few weeks ago his particularly disgusting and inopportune attempt to connect the unthinkable human tragedy of Myanmar to global warming warranted these harsh words.

But these latest fabrications and exaggerations weigh all the more contemptible by virtue of both their milieu and timing -- having been spoken just days after the Warsaw funeral of Irena Sendlerowa.  She, you see, was the Polish Catholic credited with rescuing 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. 

Irena Sendlerowa's historic bravery facing the Nazis earned the 98-year-old a Nobel Peace Prize nomination -- the very same year as Gore's

Somehow, in an act totally devoid of any "sense of justice," the gentle hero was denied the honor in favor of the bombastic charlatan -- who Tuesday dared speak to the Israeli people of "moral duty" while lying through his teeth.

It seems the more his little scam unravels, the more loathsome his methods become.

Marc Sheppard is a frequent contributor to American Thinker and welcomes your feedback.