Conservative Republican Values and the American Hispanic Mind

A large segment of the American Hispanic community has historically shared conservative Republican values, even though today many of them vote Democrat. In fact, a close look at US history demonstrates that Hispanics have traditionally been closer to conservative Republican values than to those of the Democrat Party.The GOP needs to establish a clear agenda to reach and mobilize these millions of American Hispanics who are not getting the conservative Republican message. Their presence in the party and their vote is critical and it is still today a swing vote up for grabs. Democrats should not assume that American Hispanics are part of their base. But Republicans should understand the need to act quickly. History, the Press and the American Hispanics In the beginning of this 21st Century, "American" is what defines us as a nation. However, in order to better understand the historical facts about American Hispanics, it is helpful to consider that states such as...(Read Full Article)