Earth First! (People Later)

I drove by a Protestant church recently that had the following moral exhortation on their lawn marquee:"Saving the world, one light-bulb at a time."Wow!  Talk about a test of faith.  Don't think you're going to slide through the gates of heaven without renouncing Satan's bulbs -- not a chance!Later that week a Liberal friend asked me, "Do you believe in global warming?"  As I contemplated my answer I was struck with conflicting images - a Senate sub-committee, and a child asking about Santa.  To his credit, he stuck with me through my multi-part response.  To wit:The world has been warming since approximately 1650 when it reached its latest low and almost dipped into a modern Ice Age.  This episode is well-recorded and notable for its misery as crop yields declined, economic activity contracted, and people were generally extremely cold.  On the lighter side...  you could ice skate on...(Read Full Article)