Women Voters and the Obama Crush

The Obama crush is a phenomenon apparently affecting millions of women. Many may be in the voting public next November.

For nearly four decades, I have waited to witness incontrovertible, public proof that traditional women are not the witless nincompoops that radical, leftist feminists have made us out to be, and now I have it.

We traditional women, mostly Republican, are the ones who wisely chose solid husbands, stayed married, built healthy homes and raised independent, self-motivated, morally upright children with strong characters.  We've also done the bulk of the volunteer service work in our communities and schools, in our churches and our synagogues. 

And we did all of this to a constant barrage from our "more enlightened" Sisters, who have called us in print, and often even to our faces, ignorant slaves, shallow princesses, dependent doormats and mental cases.

But lo and behold, without a single bit of effort on our parts, the very proof positive that we were not the dumb women after all, has magically landed right in our laps.  We get to see it every day on our televisions, on the internet, in the newspapers, and especially on You Tube.

It's Obama Crush Mania. 

And liberal women are leading the Obama Crush pack.

It's wonderful; it's delicious; it's positively grand. 

Just watching the mindless, female ninnies, who have fallen into this Obama Crush Mania, is even better than getting that raving compliment on my $10 Wal-Mart skirt from one of my high-salaried, liberal-feminist girlfriends, who regularly pay $200 for their skirts and still don't look as good.     

Thank you, Barack Obama!

Everywhere Obama goes, before he even opens his mouth, Democrat women fall all over themselves in awe. They chant. They swoon.  They get so all fired up and excited that they don't even seem to consider what utter fools they are making of themselves. 

They say they don't care where he is leading, that they'll follow him anywhere.

They contend they need no reason, that hope is enough.

He understands them, they say.

I've actually heard women say they love him, though they know nothing about him except that he is running for president.

Some of the most vocal Obama-Crush Maniacs are the college-going, proudly chanting V-monologue women, who actually think qualities like self-esteem and independence are found in a body part.  

These liberal Dem co-eds seem to instinctively understand that they will need a nanny-state someday to help them through the crises their dimwitted decisions will create for them. Single women and single mothers overwhelming vote Democrat. They want their government to subsidize their birth control pills, because it never seems to occur to them that it might be wiser to value themselves enough to demand the legal protections of marriage before they offer up the benefits casually.

I have a sneaking suspicion these Obama-crush maniacs are the women who dumbly accept the preposterous notion that marriage has nothing whatsoever to do with economics and everything to do with "how he makes me feel."  These are the women who wake up in the morning feeling stupid, used and disrespected, precisely because they have been.   But instead of being taught to take any responsibility for their own actions, these young women have been taught by their feminist mothers or professors that it's all the man's fault.

What balderdash!

I have yet to meet or converse with a single Republican woman who isn't completely disgusted with Obama's campaign.  We would sooner buy our next automobile from the handsomest, smoothest-talking salesman on a used-car lot than vote for the same kind of guy for president, knowing that as president, he will have the security of this Nation and our children in his hands. 

We didn't need a women's studies program to teach us self-respect.  We learned early how to create respect for ourselves by earning it the old-fashioned way.  Discipline.  Hard work.  Taming the bent towards evil in our own human natures.  Taking responsibility for our own actions. 

Standing on that firm foundation, we have demanded the respect from men that we have earned, and therefore deserve.  We don't behave like alley cats in heat, and then wail for respect from men due to our body parts, the way many liberal women do.  It's no accident that we traditional women are married to responsible men and don't go running after a politician to provide life's essentials.

We already know what a stupid pipe dream that is.       

When we Republican women hear the roundabout, sweet-talking rhetoric of Barack Obama, we have the sense to know that this is the exactly the way those way-too-smooth and oh-so-cool, but unreliable, dates made us feel.  These guys are the ones that promise you the moon on Saturday night under the stars, then completely disappear the first time the going gets tough. 

And all wise women know how to spot ‘em a mile away.

This wisdom, lacking in our dimwitted Democrat sisters, is what renders us immune to Obama Crush Mania.

Has there ever been a more demonstrable refutation of progressivism than these swooning ninnies in the thrall of Obama?

Last year, some college guys decided to see just how intelligent and well-educated the modern female co-ed really was.  They drew up a petition to end women's suffrage.  Then they went from campus to campus with their microphones and video cams, gleefully capturing all the women who willingly signed without the slightest clue that they were giving up their right to vote.

The young women seen on camera didn't bat an eyelash. They loved the idea of government completely eradicating what they assumed was women's suffering.

Women dumb enough to believe that a government can end all their suffering with the simple flourish of a pen and a couple trillion dollars that magically grow on a beanstalk, owned by some guy named Jack.

These are the women who make perfect fodder for Obama's velvet, white-gloved political machine.

However, not being prone to gratuitous sympathy, all I can really do here is thank Obama and the Democrat Party, for this illuminating display of leftist, feminist, progressive intellect.    

Kyle-Anne Shiver is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.  She welcomes your comments at kyleanneshiver@yahoo.com.
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