When Others Pray for Your Conversion

What should our reaction be when others pray for our conversion?  There recently was a story about a German Jewish leader, Charlotte Knobloch, who criticized Pope Benedict XVI for allowing a traditional Easter prayer that calls for the conversion of the Jewish people.  Her reaction raises an interesting issue, as praying for conversion isn't unique to Catholics any more that taking offense to it is unique to Jews.  And to start this topic off, I'd like to pose a question: Who do you think would be more likely to take umbrage at being the object of such a supplication, a person of deep belief or one of the superficial variety?Well, here is a little anecdote.  I'm a man who takes his faith very seriously; I believe it is the Truth and that God should be at the center of one's life.  I also know a man who is Jewish and believes just the same.  He is orthodox, praying at the appointed times every day -- regardless of the situation -- and abiding by every one...(Read Full Article)