Samantha Power: A Comeback after 'Monstergate'?

Samantha Power just can't help herself when she starts talking. An odd malady for one who seeks a high position among the nation's diplomats.Harvard's  Professor Samantha Power was once a very close foreign policy advisor to the man who promises, hope, change and redemption for the nation. Power was the advisor who was said to have the candidate's ear and whose opinions were closest to the candidate's. According to her interview in the New Statesman, "Certainly people assume that what she says is what Obama believes." The New York Times speculated that "she [Power] could very well end up in [Obama's] cabinet."  With the White House in reach, Power might have been planning the new revolutionary décor of her own executive office.Then she opened her mouth, and what came forth not only lacked diplomacy but also showed disastrous judgment.In early interviews, she proposed invading Pakistan without the authorization of its government, thereby assuring...(Read Full Article)