A Modest Proposal

I was running an errand on Capitol Hill when this letter flew out a window and landed at my feet.Howard Dean, ChairmanDemocratic National Committee430 S. Capitol Street, S .E.Washington, D. C. 20003Dear Mr. Dean:At first I was taken aback when I heard through mutual friends that you were seeking advice from me on your present substantial dilemma, but for old times' sake I'm happy to offer my advice for what it's worth to you.I've been watching the state Democratic primary election returns with considerable interest, but I share your stated concern that your party is heading inexorably in one direction -- a contentious and brokered convention, one notable for violent street protests and bitter credential committee fights.The eleven weeks between the June 7 Puerto Rico primary and the August 25 convention  will be the high point of a brutal battle by Obama and Clinton to secure the votes of the super-delegates while hanging on to the votes of the regular delegates. This promises to...(Read Full Article)