Shari'a for the Archbishop?

In the Beatles movie Help!

 the great British actor Leo McKern (Rumpole of the Bailey) played a bloodthirsty priest of the Mother Goddess Kali, who goes chasing after Ringo Starr's giant ruby ring, which has somehow been stolen from a virgin sacrifice ceremony for Kali.  McKern is constantly trying to chop off Ringo's finger with a bloody long dagger to get the ruby. Of course, Islamic fascists prefer head-chopping to mere finger-mutilation, but in other ways that movie was weirdly prophetic.

In one classic chase scene, elderly Anglican clergymen are standing politely sipping tea at an English garden party, and Leo McKern, wearing a dark turban and a crazed expression, goes running behind bushes and bishops with his long knife. Every once in a while the Priest of Kali joins in a chat with the purblind clergy folk, smiling and being ecumenical. The graying churchmen are blissfully unaware of the bloody chase taking place behind their backs.

The current Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, is said to be a devoutly religious man. But for five centuries the Archbishop has also been a politician -- after all, the C of E is a state church, and its bishops sit in the House of Lords  In the last hundred years the C of E and the Royals have had to kowtow to the Left, which in theory would prefer to burn all churches and royal palaces to ashes.  But the British Left has been bought off with constant flattery and ideological support from the C of E, and by the elevation of Leftwing honchos to the House of Lords.  So now we have Sir Ringo Starr and Sir Mick Jaggers, as well as old Labour knacker horses put out to pasture as Lord Williams of Mostyn and Baroness Hayman

But Labour now has a new voting constituency, a vast, uncontrolled influx of Pakistani Muslims into London and other cities. Some of them come right from the tribal badlands of Waziristan, and they are fundamentalist Muslims to the core. They have brought along their own Wahhabi imams, paid for by the Saudis, who are now planning to build the biggest mosque in London to overshadow Westminster Cathedral. It's all part of Britain's jolly multicultural suicide.

That is why the Mayor of London, "Red Ken" Livingstone, is now publicly taunting Jews and Israelis at election time,   and Labour uses anti-Semitic subway posters of (unclean) flying pigs with Jewish Tory faces.  Prince Charles occasionally parades in Bedouin garb, and the Archbishop of Canterbury drops media bombs attacking America and Israel. The Labour Party has seen financial scandals, always with Jewish names attached to them, as if the Saudis are not buying massive political influence with their billions in pocket change for donations and other levers. No doubt the Mullahs aren't far behind. After all, Saddam showed us all how it's done with his UN Oil-for-Food money, allocated to help Iraqi children. The Oxford Union debated whether Israel should be allowed to exist, but not whether homosexuals or lesbians should be allowed to attend Oxford University. Shari'a law will have a lot to say about that soon enough.

What astonished Americans don't understand is that Oxford students know perfectly well that Britain no longer exists as an independent country, as it is quickly being dissolved into the European Union. Why should Israel be any different? It will simply be drowned in the rising Islamic Caliphate of the Middle East.  

This past week the head of the Church of England proclaimed that, yes, Britain would have to learn to live with shari'a law, because after all, it would "help social cohesion."   Just recently the Archbishop called for anti-blasphemy laws to punish "cruel and thoughtless" speech.  He did not explain how shari'a ghettos in all its major cities would make Britain more cohesive. Nor did he come out to defend honor killings, death for practicing homosexuals, black tents for women to wear, and other oddities of the shari'a code, not to mention supporting jihadi suicide bombings for the sake of Allah.

The Bishop of Rochester, born in Pakistan but a Christian, is more honest. He recently said,

"There has been a worldwide resurgence of the ideology of Islamic extremism ... One of the results of this has been to further alienate the young from the nation in which they were growing up and also to turn already separate communities into ‘no-go' areas where adherence to this ideology has become a mark of acceptability."   

The Left immediately denied there were such things as 'no-go' zones for non-Muslims in Britain. And the Bishop of Rochester himself reported that he was quickly inundated with death threats, thus making his point quite unmistakably.

Muslims will correctly interpret the Archbishop's words to signal his readiness to surrender. Shari'a law does not view itself is just another facet of Britain's grand multicultural mosaic. It is a religious monopoly to end all other monopolies, just as the Catholic Church was in the age of Henry VIII. While the Archbishop is no doubt complimenting himself on his ecumenical tolerance for all religions, and the Labour Party is heaving a sigh of relief that London's Muslims are going to vote for the surrender party, that little guy in the turban is running around with his dripping knife, ready to cut off Ringo Starr's ruby ring, along with his finger and any other body parts, if needed.

In sum, even while the Anglican churches are standing empty in atheistic Britain, hundreds of thousands of Muslims dominate Parliamentary districts in London and elsewhere. Britain is sliding slowly and majestically, but inevitably, into the Atlantic ocean. It may survive as part of the EuroDisney museum tour, a fine tourist spot, but its formidable might and old, civilized sense of decency are going, going, gone.

Shari'a anyone?

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