Is an October Surrender in the Making?

Get this: Right in the middle of the hottest presidential primary in decades, both Obama and Hillary are sending their foreign policy honchos to DamascusThese advisors are people who have a chance of running US foreign policy in the next administration.

They aren't shy. They are taking over our foreign affairs right now, because they are entitled to. They know better than our elected officials.

What are they doing in Damascus? Not having a Christian conversion experience, for sure. Damascus is a world sanctuary for Islamic terrorists. One of them, Imad Mughniyeh, was just assassinated there.  He ran Hezbollah's secret operations from Damascus. 

Damascus has also been the transit point for thousands of jihadis going to Iraq to commit suicide-murders against Americans and Iraqis. If you want to talk to Al Qaida and the gang, Damascus is your place. Syria's President Assad is also Iran's best buddy in the Arab world. (Iran is the State Department's biggest terror-sponsoring state.) So Assad is the go-to guy for all the terror sponsors. 

The New York Sun writes 

"The same week that a terrorist mastermind harbored by the Baathist regime in Damascus was assassinated by a car bomb, both one of Mr. Obama's foreign policy counselors, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a long-time critic of Israel, and one of Mrs. Clinton's national finance chairs, Hassan Nemazee, were meeting with President Assad."

If you're too young to remember the name Zbigniew Brzezinski, he is Jimmy Carter foreign policy genius, on whose watch the Iranian mullahs got into thirty years of power -- with a nuke coming right up. Brzezinski still thinks today that he and Jimmy were right to bring in old mass-murdering Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.  These people are never wrong. Would you trust this guy to represent the United States against Islamofascist terror types?

It's obvious that Hillabama desperately need to send a can't-wait message to the people who attacked us on 9/11. So urgent that they can't even wait for the Democrats to declare a presidential candidate, or to defeat John McCain. This must be a message Hillary and Obama are coordinating with each other, since they are sending both of their foreign policy advisors at the same time to the same place.

Question: What message would that be?

Here's a fair guess. They are telling Terror Central to hold any plans to attack us during the presidential election. Why? Because another 9/11 attack before the election would give the presidency to John McCain, who looks like a hard-ball guy militarily.

It's the reverse of the October Surprise Theory: Call it the October Surrender Theory. The Terror Masters have huge leverage with the Democrats, because they can keep Obama or Hillary out of the White House. You can bet that they know it. They are using that leverage today.  

To get the terrorists to cooperate, the Dems would have to be  making promises. What are they? That's easy. The Democrats have been telling us in the Op-Ed pages for years.

First.  Give up US cooperation with Israel. (See Jimmy Carter's latest book.) The aim is a US-imposed "peace treaty" -- which would be very fine if Hamas and the gang could be trusted to follow a peace treaty. But as Yasser Arafat made so clear when Israel offered him 90% of the West Bank, a peace with Israel is not what they want. Arafat told Bill Clinton at Camp David that he would be assassinated if he signed a peace treaty with Israel. If anything, Palestinian politics today is even more radical today than it was then.

Remember, this is the fantasy life of the Left. Facts don't count.

A leading Israeli Leftist just told Secretary of State Condi Rice recently that "Israel needs to be raped."    But when push comes to shove, chances are that most Israelis will decide, no thanks, we'll fight. So this version of "peace in our time" is very likely to mean "war in our time." Israel is not so dependent upon us that it will choose another Holocaust.  

Second.  The Democrats have been pounding the table for four years that the US should get out of Iraq as quickly as possible. We can only take them at their word. Notice that our ambassador in Iraq just warned against a hasty withdrawal from Baghdad -- even though diplomats are never supposed to say such things in public. The timing is significant. He can read the signs.  

Remember that the Democrats think the US defeat in Vietnam and the fall of Saigon was a foreign policy success  The United States needs a bloody nose, they think, to teach us some humility forever. So they want to see those US helicopters taking the last refugees off Baghdad high rise buildings. They don't mind a massive refugee flight like the Vietnamese Boat People  and a new Killing Fields  in Iraq. It's just breaking some more eggs to make another bloody omelet.  

After all, they didn't mind it with the Vietnam War, did they? These are the people who shrugged  and rationalized genocide whenever it was committed by the Left ever since Lenin took over Russia -- for a total of 100 million dead in the 20th century alone. They haven't changed one bit.

Third. The Dems want to negotiate a retreat from the Persian Gulf. It might look like an agreement between the Arab Gulf States and Iran. In fact, as soon as the US Navy leaves the Gulf, it means a surrender to the Iranian theocracy. The Democrats would make sure we can never come back, no matter what the Iranians do.

The benefit to the United States? Peace in our time. The benefit to the Democrats? Another Carter-Clinton Presidency, but a really successful one this time, because this time our enemies will be nice

And if you believe that, vote Hillabama!

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