George Soros and the Alchemy of 'Regime Change'

What does a very aged multi-billionaire do after he spends $25 million dollars to force a presidential election his way, and still falls flat on his face?  Well, of course, he tries and tries again.

When George Soros failed to obtain the election of his candidate, John Kerry, in 2004, he brooded for a while, even said he might get out of politics altogether, but he just couldn't stop himself.  He has stated publicly that he wishes to burst the "bubble of American supremacy," because he says our preeminence in the world is a detriment to global "equilibrium."  So far, he has failed, but he keeps on trying.

And Mr. Soros has made no secret either of the fact that he sees the shortest way to effect political shake-ups, what he terms "regime changes," is through very difficult economic conditions.

America has not yet felt the full force of Soros style economic shock treatment.  But others have. 

Soros made his first billion in 1992 by shorting the British pound with leveraged billions in financial bets, and became known as the man who broke the Bank of England.  He broke it on the backs of hard-working British citizens who immediately saw their homes severely devalued and their life savings cut drastically in comparative worth almost overnight. 

When the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 threatened to spread globally, George Soros was right in the thick of it.  Soros was accused by the Malaysian Prime Minister of causing the collapse with his monetary machinations, and he was branded in Thailand as an "economic war criminal" who "sucks the blood from the people."  Right in the middle of this crisis, Soros dashed off his book, The Crisis of Global Capitalism, which demanded a "third way" toward economic stability. 

Coincidentally, or not, during the height of the fears of worldwide recession, then President Clinton told the New York Times that he was proposing a "third way" between capitalism and socialism.  Unfortunately for Soros, U.S. markets rebounded quickly, his predicted catastrophe was forestalled, and his brave new global economic plans receded for a bit.

This may have been to Soros' own good, though, because he was by 1998 up to his neck in the collapse of the Russian ruble, and buying up valuable East European resources at fire-sale prices. 

And why not?

He had already been widely proclaiming that it was his own machinations that brought down the Soviet Empire.  When asked about his sphere of influence in the Soviets' demise for a New Republic interview in 1994, Mr. Soros humbly replied that the author ought to report that "the former Soviet Empire is now called the Soros Empire."

When our House Banking Committee investigated the Russia-gate scandal in 1999, trying to determine just how $100 billion had been diverted out of Russia, forcing the collapse of its currency and the default of its enormous loans from the International Monetary Fund, Soros was even called to testify.  He denied involvement of course, but finally admitted that he had used insider access in a deal that was barred to foreign investors to acquire a huge chunk of Sidanko Oil. 

The Russia scandal was labeled by Rep. Jim Leach, then head of the House Banking Committee to be "one of the greatest social robberies in human history." (Shadow Party; David Horowitz and Richard Poe; p. 96)

Of course, Russia-gate was quickly hushed up and pushed aside in the public's lurid, and quite insatiable, interest in Monica-gate. 

Then, George Soros did some more shady economic fooling around in France.  And he actually got caught and charged with illegal insider trading in his attempt to takeover the Societe Generale bank.  He was convicted and the conviction was upheld in 2 separate appeals, the last in June of 2006.  They let him off, however, with a piddling $2.9 million fine.

Mere chicken feed to a multi-billionaire.

Of course, since George Soros is a naturalized American citizen, it is difficult to imagine just why he would intentionally want to bring about our own economic collapse. 

But from all appearances, that might be exactly what he has on his mind. 

By 2003, Soros was already predicting the downfall of the dollar.  In a CNBC interview, amid a slump in the dollar's value against the Euro, Soros added fuel to that fire by stating that he was already selling dollars.  His statement, in turn, caused a further decline in the international worth of the dollar.

When George Soros speaks, hedge fund managers and world financiers listen.

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to bring about the "October Surprise"  U.S. economic downturn in time for the 2004 election.  Our economy proved too resilient for him then.

But he hasn't stopped predicting that yearned-for recession that would spoil things for his political foes, the Republicans.

Just after he failed in 2004 to bring about Bush's demise, he went right on trying to force a conclusion to his self-fulfilling prophecy of doom for the U.S.  And this year, it appears as though he may have finally hit pay dirt in the sub-prime meltdown which threatens to actually bring on that long hoped-for recession. 

In Davos this year, at the World Economic Forum, Soros even went so far as to say that the current housing "bust" would signal the end of the dollar as the world's default currency.
"The current crisis is not only the bust that follows the housing boom," Soros said. "It's basically the end of a 60-year period of continuing credit expansion based on the dollar as the reserve currency."

Being that Mr. Soros' stated goal for more than a decade has been to burst the "bubble of American supremacy," it stands to reason that the financial gloom he is predicting for us would be precisely his own little cup of tea. 

And if the economic picture is bleak in this election year, who stands to benefit?  Why, the Democrats, of course, the beneficiaries of Soros' 527 largesse.

And Mr. Soros, along with his "progressive" friends may stand at the ready to issue in their vision of America by strategically re-writing the Constitution. 

In April 2005, Soros' Open Society Institute was the primary sponsor of a conference at Yale Law School, called, "The Constitution in 2020."  The conference's task was to produce "a progressive vision of what the Constitution ought to be." (Emphasis mine.)  When one sees references in progressive speak about the "evolutionary character of constitutional law," they are talking about changing the Constitution to formally enshrine their policy preferences so they can avoid the messy necessity of having to win elections. (Shadow Party; Horowitz and Poe; p. 71)

It would seem, then, that progressives stand at the threshold of fulfilling their wildest dreams right here on American shores.  With a Republican Party in disarray, the economy seemingly poised on the brink of recession, one candidate with the charisma of a snake charmer and another master schemer as backup, and a new Constitution already being planned, what will stand in their way?

These folks have designs not only on a reinvention of America, but on the whole world. Both Democrat candidates for the presidency have plans for an American cure for global poverty that make our current, quite generous, foreign aid look like a tiny Band-Aid.

Hillary's utopian plan is of a global village, where the role of America is that of supreme benefactor, with herself as our beneficent queen.  Hillary's plans for the redistribution of American wealth extend benefits not just to other Americans, but to every other country in need. 

Obama, too, sees global poverty as the root cause of all evil in the world, including crime, war and terrorism.  His single piece of signature legislation in the Senate is a bill that would authorize an additional $845 billion from American tax payers to eradicate global poverty, and legislate a demand on future presidents to bring America in line with UN mandates on percentage of national GDP given to fight global poverty.

These plans are in perfect sync with Soros' own support for the Tobin Tax, a global tax on currency transactions.  This taxation would be forced on sovereign nations by an international body, coercing capitalist economies into sharing their wealth with poor nations for the eradication of poverty and the myriad problems associated with it.

So, that which we and our ancestors have sacrificed to build and maintain will be stolen from us and our offspring and given away by the new Robin Hoods, George Soros and the Democratic Party, who seem to envision global perfection at last, with every single soul living happily ever after in absolute peace and harmony, together singing kumbaya in the same language...the language of love.

And only God knows what can save America from being the sacrificial fodder for their grand, megalomaniacal delusion.

Saner heads prevailing, perhaps?

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