War? What War?

A pertinent question for 2008 might be:  How many 9/11's does it take to wake a sleeping giant and keep him alert at the helm?

More than one, it would seem.

How quickly America has been lulled back to sleep.

With a heap of help from our watchful media. 

For more than four years, every news outlet in the Country was stirring its anti-American pot and blasting news of the carnage from Iraq 24/7. They were counting the bodies and inflating the count.  They were giving more coverage to the paltry numbers of paid anti-war protestors than they were to our military heroes and their families. 

We heard about the horrors of the Iraq War day in and day out. 

We were told how much we citizens decried the War and our President.  We were given poll numbers after poll numbers citing our discontent.  Our mainstream media complex raised a whole battalion of living-room warriors to advise our duly elected Commander in Chief on everything from bombing strategy to the actual nature of the insurgency.

The media declared Iraq an unwinnable quagmire, an all-out civil war, a dastardly imperialistic occupation.   

Our media elites gave more coverage to Cindy Sheehan than they gave to our Medal of Honor heroes.  They hung the 2006 congressional elections upon the utterly ridiculous mantle of peace at any cost, and gave the anti-war minions more to crow about for an entire year.  When Harry Reid used his new position as Senate majority leader to state emphatically that "This war is lost," he wasn't even branded as a scoundrel, much less a traitor.  Heck, our media would have given him a medal if it could have.

With friends like these...

But suddenly, we are winning the war that was lost, and you could hear a pin drop in the abandoned echo chamber of war coverage. 

And just as predictably, the 2008 Presidential election, according to our media elites, isn't about the war at all.  It's about the economy. 

War?  What war?     

Now perhaps the always can-be-counted-upon United Nations has somehow secured an unconditional surrender from IslamoFascist armies worldwide, and have got Osama and the other ringleaders in protective custody in their NYC basement, so these honorable soldiers won't be subjected to the hellish conditions of Guantanamo Bay.  Nah.  If that were true, those UN credit-grabbers would have gotten New York Times front page for weeks.

Or, maybe the Mahdi has arrived at last and decided that a re-write of  Islam's original, prophetic visions might be beneficial to the interests of world civilization.  Perhaps he's hiding out in the desert somewhere clipping a few of the Koran's admonishments to kill every infidel on the planet, convert by the sword, and establish a worldwide caliphate by force.  If this is true, I hope the Mahdi somehow gets hold of a cell phone or the internet so he can alert every last terror cell around the world, who can't seem to let go of a single Koranic command to violence.

I'm not counting on this, though.  Seems a bit fantastical.

I prefer to stay glued to reality.

In the past 6 years, IslamoFascist Terror armies and their homegrown little cells of plotters have been stopped again and again before their missions reached the carry-out phase. 

The Brooklyn Bridge.  Underground fuel lines connecting the boroughs of New York.  The Fort Dix Six.  A plot to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge during rush hour.  A plot to explode the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago during working hours.  The London clear-gel airline plot.  Unassembled pipe bombs in a foreign student's car here and another's there. 

And those are just a few of the ones we know about.  I suspect they're merely the tip of the iceberg, and I'm ticking these off from memory.  A third grader's Google search would bring up hundreds more, I'm quite certain.

So, here's the news for an electorate who seems to be buying the utterly false sense of security that the Democrats and their Party Mouthpiece, the mainstream media, are selling.

Unless the Koran has been thoroughly re-written, scrubbed clean of its myriad injunctions to violent means of spreading the "faith," or unless the Prophets' followers have suddenly decided that there might not actually be 72 gorgeous virgins waiting for them in paradise because they've succeeded in blowing the rest of us to kingdom come, then there is still a war on.  It's real.  It's deadly.  And it's going to have to be won by one side or the other. 

It's already reared its ugly head sporadically for 14 centuries, and shows no sign of abating just because we prefer to bury our heads.

If you don't believe this, ask Israel.

Take a look at the little Iranian with the messiah complex, who is exploring nuclear "energy."

Give a peek at the situation in Pakistan, with its nuclear arsenal.

Then look over the border to Afghanistan, where the Taliban is gaining again in strength.

And before you vote, ask yourself just one question:

If we aren't safe in our homes and workplaces from another catastrophe like 9/11, will the price of your bread really matter?

Kyle-Anne Shiver is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.  She welcomes your comments at kyleanneshiver@yahoo.com. 
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