The Clintons, Race, and the 50-year-old Calculation

Since I think the Clintons would probably sell their souls and firstborn for another White House tenure, the idea they would play the race card raises no eyebrow here.  They are political creatures first, everything else second and statesmen last.  For this to elude one, he must have his head planted firmly in a particularly dense grade of sand.  Man of letters Christopher Hitchens understands this; while by no means a member of the "Vast Right-wing Conspiracy," he writes eloquently about the Clintons' long history of racial "thuggery and opportunism."  Even more significant are the pronouncements of Dick Morris, Bill's erstwhile propaganda minister.  His thesis is that Hillary wanted the black vote in South Carolina to coalesce for Obama so that she'd lose the state big, and she wanted this electoral shift to be visible and much ballyhooed in the media.  Witnessing this, the white vote in other states would then circle the wagons...(Read Full Article)