Happy Birthday, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

On Sunday,  January 27, 2008, our nation celebrates an important political anniversary.  Ten years ago Hillary Clinton (then the First Lady) went on television with Matt Lauer and said: 

"This is the great story here for anybody willing to find and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president."

Thus was born the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Hillary expected serious Americans to believe that the Whitewater convictions (which put a sitting Arkansas governor in prison), the suicide of the Deputy White House Chief Counsel under mysterious circumstances, the unconscionable firing of the White House travel staff, Hillary's strange acumen in predicting the cattle futures market, an allegation of brutal rape against her husband, the perjury of Bill Clinton in a federal grand jury proceeding, his affair with a White House intern, and the countless other moral debauches of the Clintons were created by some cabal with power greater than the president, the Democratic Party and the huge phalanx of media flacks, fawning Hollywood starlets, militant activists and nihilistic academicians.

The truth, of course, is different.  The "vast right wing conspiracy" or VRWC lives on today, and is vast -- it includes tens of millions of intelligent Americans who have been systematically marginalized, demonized and defamed in the public debate about America.  It has voices because technology, tenacity and innovation gave it voices, in spite of those who hold most of the levers of power in America.  Rush Limbaugh worked in the trenches of the AM side of radio and was fired from radio jobs until he created his own place of influence.  Anyone who listens to Rush knows that he makes his own mind up, that he panders to no faction, and that he stands up to any critics.  This is hardly the stuff of secret groups plotting the destruction of an amoral politician from Arkansas.

The blogs that disassembled the plan to smear President Bush with forged documents about his National Guard service were open, not secret, about their findings.  It was the blindfolded Leftist established press with its nonexistent research departments that yawned while the National Guard hoax was foisted on America a few weeks before the 2004 elections.  The patriots who exposed the dubious heroism of John Kerry were slimed, not thanked, by the bureaucracy of Leftism which is CBS, NBS, ABC, CNN and all the other acronyms for mendacity.  So, the term "Swift Boated" had come to mean something different from telling the truth, although that is precisely what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did.

What has happened is that the Leftist media, entertainment and education complex is no longer monolithic.  The immoral and dishonest behavior of Democrats can no longer be swept under the rug, only to be "discovered" forty years later, when it no longer matters.  The VRWC is really more like BBC wireless broadcasts into a Europe conquered by the Nazis or Samizdat circulated in the Soviet bloc of Stalinist Russia.  Hardly dominant, scarcely wealthy, filled by volunteers instead of paid hacks, the VRWC simply insures that all the news and opinions are not produced from a single hive.

The very lack of any central organization insures that it is also free and independent internally as well.  Witness the furious arguments among supporters of Ron Paul and his critics, or the evangelical attacks on Romney, or the substantive debate among the VRWC about whether a national sales tax is better than a proportional income tax.  Members of the VRWC, often operating  alone, think alone.  That is why it is so difficult to define accurately and why it is almost impossible to successfully attack.

The VRWC does not flack for conservatives or Republicans who do wrong.  At  most, the VRWC will call attention to the fact that if Mark Foley and Larry Craig face serious problems because of their sins, then should not Sandy Berger and Robert Torricelli, whose crimes were much greater, face sanctions at least the same as those Republicans?

 The VRWC does, however, help protect the innocent. The Left quickly condemned the Duke Lacrosse Team, and it fell to the VRWC to insist that real justice, rather than collective social justice (you know, the sort of justice practiced in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia) prevail. 

What is the VRWC?  It is the heart, soul and minds of millions of muzzled Americans speaking freely after the muzzle has been removed.  It is the communion of these millions across lines of religion, race, gender and age who are bound by a common notion of what the American dream really means.  The VRWC, unlike the monolith of Leftism, does not march in lockstep but rather as free souls brought together by the values of truth and decency.  Happy tenth birthday, fellow members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!