The Odd Alliance Supporting Ron Paul

Here and there, the mainstream media is noticing the disturbingly enthusiastic support coming Ron Paul's way from distateful quarters.  In a November 20 column titled "Ron Paul isn't that scary", LA Times columnist Jonah Goldberg calls stories about Ron Paul's racist and 9-11 troother supporters "overblown", but he does let slip the following: 
"Republican consultant David Hill condemns the candidate's ‘increasingly leftish' positions. Syndicated columnist Mona Charen calls Paul ‘too cozy with kooks and conspiracy theorists.' Film critic and talk radio host Michael Medved looks over Paul's supporters and finds ‘an imposing collection of neo-Nazis, white Supremacists, Holocaust deniers, 9/11 'truthers' and other paranoid and discredited conspiracists.'" 
Goldberg is the exception. 

GQ magazine just named Ron Paul one of its "Men of the Year."  Yep, the man described on the website of ex-KKK honcho and convicted fraudster David Duke as "our king" is now officially a male trend setter. 

Molly Ball November 20 in the Las Vegas Review-Journal swoons:    
"He (Paul) is a grandfather crowd-surfing on a youthful wave.  The purity of his message, he said, has combined with young people's natural idealism, with the Internet catalyzing the reaction."
And no, that is from a news article, not an opinion piece.  Ron Paul is nowhere in the polls, so primary states are hopeless.  But Nevada is a "caucus" state where Democrats and other Ron Paul nuts dream of mobilizing hordes of surrender monkeys to swamp the real GOPers on January 19th.  (Which would also help Hillary Clinton by reducing the turn out for Barack Obama on the Democrat side.)

The Paulistinians are cheered by coverage such as the Las Vegas paper.  On Ron Paul's national Meet-up site, a poster identified as "Steve Martin" calls media coverage of Paul's Las Vegas rally "awesome."  "Steve Martin" is a Maine Ron Paul supporter with over 3,000 Ron Paul Meet-up posts whose on-line bio identifies him as "911 truth researcher & video documentarian, & a writer for The Barnes Review."  The Barnes Review is a Holocaust denier magazine founded by Willis Carto who also founded the American Free Press and the Institute for Historical Review.

It gets weirder.     

The Communist Party organ, People's Weekly World, imitates Ayn Rand, asking: "Who is Ron Paul?"  Their answer:
"Alone among the Republicans, he opposes Bush's wars and occupations abroad. He absolutely despises ‘so called free trade deals and world governmental organizations like the International Criminal Court (ICC), NAFTA, GATT, WTO and CAFTA.' He wants to stop the NAFTA highway. He condemns government spying on the citizenry, and would like to overturn the Patriot Act. He seems to support Social Security...." 
Do you feel the love?

The Communists crow, "Ron Paul of Texas is driving some of the other Republicans crazy...."  They make some mild criticism of Paul's position on the gold standard, but don't say even a single word about Ron Paul's KKK supporters or racist statements tied to Paul.  These are the same Communists who regularly call George Bush a fascist.

The CPUSA shacking up with Ron Paul is not new.  Here is an article quoting Paul favorably for his (failed) effort to block US support to the Ukrainian Orange Revolution (thus helping Russia, always the key to the CPUSA's positions).  A search of the PWW archive shows several other articles favorable to Ron Paul.    

(An alliance of communist and fascist is not unprecedented.  After forming the August 23, 1939 Hitler-Stalin Pact, Poland was divided.  Hitler then had an easy time defeating a French army whose enlisted men were thick with communists under orders from Stalin's Communist International not to fight and whose officer corps was infested with fascists.  The alliance ended June 22, 1941 when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.  Now the Communists are again allied to the fascists both American and Islamic.  I wonder what the late W.E.B. DuBois or Paul Robeson would say about their comrades' new KKK buddies?)

With the media flacking for Ron Paul where it counts-in caucus states-one might expect the Paulistinians to all be as thrilled as Martin is, but they aren't.  The MSM no longer has a media monopoly.  A Google search of Ron Paul KKK now finds 371,000 hits.  Ron Paul supporters on Meet-up are ratting each other out to the Meet-up admin (a private company not part of the campaign) which has banned some them for writing racist or anti-Semitic material.

One Ron Paul meetup discussion thread reads: "Watch what you write cause American Thinker is taking your excerpts."  Underlining the fact that the Paulistinians' banning each other are engaged in a cover-up, not a clean-up. 

Capping off the farce is the presence of Martin the self-identified Barnes Review writer and 9-11 trooth researcher who pulls himself away from articles proving Auschwitz was a health spa or something in order to helpfully suggest, "If Will said ‘niggerberry,' that's enough for me. I wash my hands of people who are that insensitive to what harms others..." 

Political correctness has even reached the Holocaust deniers.

Martin then says: "I am also no longer a ‘supporter' of the AFP (American Free Press), though I will read it if someone gives it to me.  They do report a lot of stories way before anybody else."   Martin continues: 
"For the record, Willis Carto, in my opinion, goes too far in blaming the ‘Jews,' and does not do enough to educate his readers about: 1. other elements (like the oil magnates--especially the Rockefellers--the British crown, etc.) in the global conspiracy.  2. the important difference between the vast majority of good, hard-working Jewish folks, and the tiny extremist Zionist minority." 
Martin also points out an error.  He did not run for US Senate but rather the Maine State Senate.  This is the first and only error of fact identified in my entire 3,500+ word article: "The Ron Paul Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters" which ran on American Thinker November 14 and now appears on about 140 websites .

Apparently that is good enough for the Paul supporters who are teaming up with Meet-up administration to boot racists who are too stupid to keep their mouths shut from Paul's Meet-up campaign.  "White Will" "Glenn Miller" and others who admit some affinity for David Duke have suddenly been "disappeared."

Check out this exchange:

Theresa: "OMG, I see former member all over the place, with 600+ posts down to the 50+ posts. Are they all leaving (or) getting booted?"

Steve Martin:  "Could some of them be exposed infiltrators getting out while the getting is good?"
Is it a Jooish neo-con conspiracy to "plant" fake Nazis on the Ron Paul meet-up board?   No, the headline of the (now buried, available only in cache) discussion board?  "Neo-Nazi Conspiracy to subvert Ron Paul meetup groups exposed."  The Paultroons can spot a Zionist gang wiring explosives in the World Trade Center from 1000 miles away, but they didn't notice the ‘conspiracy' behind postings like, "Must Dr. Paul capitulate to our Jewish masters' demands? - and hundreds of other anti-Semitic comments spread all over the internet by Paul supporters.

Will "White Will" Williams, author of the "Jewish Masters" post is a well known as the former Southern coordinator for the National Alliance Party.  He is not the fake Jooish Nazi of Paultardinian delusion.  As "White Will" (now listed as "former member, Mountain City, TN") helpfully explains: "BTW, I first learned about Dr. Paul reading The Spotlight tabloid, predecessor (SIC) to the American Free Press, 22 years ago. So did hundreds of thousands of other patriots over the years."  I bet he still "reads it if someone gives it to him." 
Some are a bit less dishonest about this.  As a poster identifying himself as "Douglas Jones" explains: "We don't want racists having the ability to post extremely damaging headlines."  Exactly.  But their money is welcome.  And so are their volunteers.

Will it work?  As Steve Martin and someone named "JimInLisle" team up to boot him,
"Glenn Miller" explains his history:
"founding and leading the largest active white civil rights group on this continent in the past 30 years then paying the price with 3 years of my life in a Zionist Occupation Government prison cage, running for public office 4 times including for governor of the rebel state of NC, driving an 18-wheeler coast-to-coast, making and raising 5 beautiful European American children, and now working for Dr Ron Paul for president of the United States ???  I disavow none of it.  And ‘reform', you say ?? Ha. You must be nuts. I've just begun to fight."  
Was this the same "Glenn Miller" who was subject of a nationwide FBI manhunt in 1987?  Quote:
"Federal agents began searching for Mr. Miller on Friday when they obtained a letter to white supremacists calling for ‘total war' against the government, blacks and Jews." 
Is that why he spent "3 years of (his) life in a Zionist Occupation Government prison cage?"  Move along, nothing to see here.  

In sharp contrast to the invective Ron Paul supporters dish out to anybody not toeing their line on the internet, "J Smith" of Honolulu offers this to Miller:
"...the hatred because of the color of another person's skin, IMHO, is wrong....It was hatred that destroyed Adolph Hitler....I wish you good luck in your journeys through life." 
It was also hatred that created Adolph Hitler, but I digress.

It's not over yet.  Paul supporters are petitioning Meet-up admin to restore Williams' account.  They are led by David Sadler, a losing 2002 candidate for US Congress in Illinois District 12.  Just days after kicking Williams off, Steve Miller signs the petition to put him back.  Sadler explains his opposition to the ‘neo-cons' thusly:
"the suicide bombers are defending their nation and region from foreign invaders with space-age weaponry." 
I'm sure the residents of DuQuoin, Illinois are very proud.

Meanwhile the neo-Nazi Stormfront site has updated to link to Ron Paul's next big fundraising day, December 16.  Readers can find the announcement right below a link to "BOK KKK Pennsylvania State Meeting" with another Ron Paul link and then directly to the KKK website which has a third Ron Paul link - directly from the KKK to his official campaign website.  The "Brotherhood of Klans" and invites readers to, "Discover what Ron Paul has done as a Congressman.  Imagine what he will do as President."  A right click on the article headline brings a popup message which says it all: "Property of BOK Knights of the Ku Klux Klan."

Anyone think GQ, the Las Vegas Review and Journal or the Peoples Weekly World will pick this up anytime soon? 

Andrew Walden is editor of Hawai`i Free Press in Hilo.
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