Ron Paul is a Useful Man for Democrats

The Ron Paul story never seems to end -- and yet never seems to quite make it into the mainstream media. That's because, in the political equivalent of a bank shot, Paul's fringe support helps bleach embarrassing stains from the Democrats.

First there is the revelation that Jim C Perry, the "Orthodox Jewish" head of "Jews for Paul" also calls himself a gay pagan Unitarian.

Now it turns out that Perry, Paul's point man in response to questions raised by the Jewish Telegraph Agency, is also accused of stealing money from the local New Hampshire branch of the Libertarian Party.  What a great guy!  It's only an accusation. And the "Libertarian" Perry was in 2006 running for New Hampshire Legislature as a Democrat

Oh yes:  Then the federal raids started

It turns out that some folks actually buy-in to Ron Paul's blither about US dollars being "phony money".  Here Paul is talking about "phony money" at a recent Ron Paul rally outside the Philadelphia Mint with a large crowd including -- surprise, surprise, -- some more white supremacists. (Who show they fully understand the New Orleans protocol.)

Some of Paul's gold bug supporters been trying to pass so-called "Liberty Dollars" off as real currency at stores nationwide.  Sleepy clerks have given them change in US currency for purchases.  Raids have been conducted in the last few days by the FBI and Secret Service at Liberty Dollar HQ in a strip mall office in Evansville, Indiana, (that's not where I would be keeping three pounds of gold, but I digress) as well as Asheville, NC (here the segregationist ‘Council of Conservative Citizens' is very concerned) and a private mint located in Coeur d'Alene, IdahoArrests were also made recently in Wisconsin (on their blogsite, these geniuses detail three places where the spent Liberty Dollars as if they were legal tender).   In 2006 two arrests had been made in Buffalo, NY.  The Evanston raid netted a huge load of "Ron Paul Dollars" apparently just delivered from Idaho and backed perhaps by the full faith and credit of...  Ron Paul?

Ron Paul's Evanston supporters went to Liberty Dollar HQ to protest with Ron Paul-for-president signs.  At the Evansville Ron Paul site one of their leaders explains the defense strategy:
"I sent an email to, so with any luck we'll make it on and go viral. If nothing else should come of this, maybe the LD can get a case before the Supreme Court and settle once and for all and maybe Ron Paul's name will be on more people's minds and lips." 
And, yes Ron Paul donor 9-11 "troother" Alex Jones did post it.  And it did go ‘viral'.  But no that doesn't mean the 9-11 "troothers" are integral to the Ron Paul campaign because ...uh...uh... (insert Paulite rationalization here). 

Meanwhile over at Reason Magazine, they seem to have lost all of theirs.  Writes Jeff Taylor:
"As such, accounts of the (Evansville) raid focused on the Ron Paul angle seem off-base, at least given the available facts." 
Sure, just close your eyes and it will all go away.  Let yourself get sucked down the toilet with the frauds, and scammers.  Reason wants us to believe that Ron Paul has absolutely nothing to do with Ron Paul dollars.  But Paul's "troother" supporters believe that George Bush and ‘the Jooos' personally crawled through the ductwork at the World Trade Center to wire the explosives for controlled detonation.   

Apparently they didn't get the message at the Daily Paul.  Their response to the raid:
"This is pretty scary stuff and reminiscent of a time in Germany...I wonder if the motivation was our wonderful $4.3M day?"
The Street writes;
"...if the raid results in the conviction of anyone involved, it is possible that the Paul campaign may have to return a cash donation made by Liberty Dollar....So far, Liberty Dollar has donated $2,300 to the Paul campaign, a fact confirmed by both Paul's office and Bernard von NotHaus, who runs Liberty Dollar." 
No connection there?

No tough questions for Paul, but plenty of fluff.   Rolling Stone writes: "Republican takes the lead against the war."  This comes after Bill Maher physically chased "troothers" from his studio audience October 19 shouting "out, out, out" and Bill Clinton stared down troother hecklers October 24 with: "An inside job?  How dare you?" 

The Democrats and their media are using the Paul campaign to scrape six years of accumulated "toother" scum off the Democrat Party, deposit it into the Libertarian movement make a little mess for the GOP.  With Obama, Hillary and Edwards all refusing to promise to withdraw troops from Iraq by 2013 Democrats dream of losing the "surrender monkey" tag.   
Here is a Chicago Tribune fluff piece with this gem of verbal judo:
"to a growing, Internet-based pool of supporters, the silver-haired obstetrician turned politician is the sanest man at the Republican debates and perhaps in all of Congress. Paul attracts an unusual political potpourri of people of all ages and viewpoints, including a sprinkling of conspiracy theorists and other extremists whose views Paul's campaign disavows." 
No anti-Semites, KKKers, or FBI raids in sight anywhere -- just ‘conspiracy theorists'--but all neatly "disavowed."  Really?  Was that when Jesse Benton -- Ron Paul's national communications director -- said "I cannot say that we will be rejecting Mr. Black's (Stormfront) contribution?" 

Well actually Ron Paul appears to be disavowing some contributions: those given by bankers and Wall Streeters.  Corporate money is too dirty for Ron Paul to accept but KKK money is not? 

The Chicago Tribune also offers this nugget:
"Paul appears financially comfortable but not exceedingly wealthy, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission. Most of his holdings are in about two dozen gold and silver firms, many valued at less than $15,000 and none valued at more than $250,000."
Do those firms benefit from the sale of Ron Paul Dollars?  Of course they do; someone has to bring in the wrong way crowd to buy gold and silver at the top of the commodities cycle.    
Meanwhile the mainstream media is mostly ignoring the cesspool of neo-Nazis, Klanners, Holocaust deniers, and gold-bugs-with-the-FBI-pounding-on-their-door, surrounding Paul.  Why?  The Democrats can unload some of their whack-job fringe to the GOP via Ron Paul and in their dreams, hang these nut jobs around the GOP's neck like a dead albatross.  At the same time they assist Hillary or Obama in trying to move to the center for the general election.

Timing is everything.  Paul has staked $1.1 million on the NH primary.  His big fundraising push November 5 and now December 16 come conveniently before the Jan 1 reporting deadline.  That deadline is too close to the Iowa and NH votes for evidence about Paul's supporters to make a difference. 

The hard work is done.  The information about Paul is on line neatly organized for even the laziest reporter in America to confirm, write up and look like a genius.    

Writes WaPo:
"As if Ron Paul's supporters needed any more motivation to storm the battlements and wreak havoc on the Republican presidential primary, now comes this: the feds are trying to take away their money."
Antonio Gramsci would be very proud.

Andrew Walden is editor of Hawai`i Free Press in Hilo.