If Congress Truly Wants to Help Children

There has been a whole lot of hoopla over the past few weeks with the Democrats' latest attempt at foisting an expanded socialist encroachment upon the American electorate (SCHIP), via the really-getting-old-now, "It's-for-the-Children," ploy.  Nancy and Hillary both need to re-read their worn copies of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  That ruthless revolutionary knew that once the folks see through your tactic, it becomes not only tiresome, but downright irritating.  And smart people tend to turn it against you.

But while we're still seeing this brilliant-beyond-brilliant socialist tactic at play, I think it's a great opportunity to point out just a few of the things the ruling-majority Democrats could actually do to improve the lives of American children across the board.

For starters, the Democrat Congress could dispense with the time-(and our money) consuming show trials that they call "Congressional hearings."  They can stop wasting time defaming our young adult children who are voluntarily going off to Iraq to fight a war that they overwhelming approved.  And they can pass the Appropriation bills, which our President continues to request, without further delay.  Then government employees can continue to feed their children.    

If Democrat Congress people genuinely care about children and want to improve their lives, the best place to begin would be to lower the exorbitant tax levies forced upon the children's parents by wasteful, behemoth, big-spending, never-accountable federal government.  Instead of spinning their tails in a flurry of angst about going green, the Democrats in Congress might just try to sensibly stay in the black for a change.  As Benjamin Franklin might say if he were a blogger today, Every dollar saved by government is a dollar in the pocket of some child's mother and father that can buy bread, clothes, shelter, books, and even medical care. 

Secondly, if the Democrats do indeed care about our children's futures and want to give them (and our country) a nice leg-up on life, they might consider opposing instead of supporting the teachers' unions, which require our government schools to ignore bad teachers and failing schools, promoting their vested interests at the expense of our children's education.  It has long been understood, and is not even worth debating, that one of the most crippling things that can happen to any child is the denial of a first-rate education in his formative years. 

Our schools, under the iron-fisted monopoly of union groupthink, have done more to cripple children and keep them shackled in poverty and enslavement to the State than anything since the Depression. If Nancy Pelosi cares about children at even half the rate her hissy-fitted rhetoric implies, then she will make a move to cut the teacher unions off at the knees and restore educational control to local school boards and parents in the true American tradition.  With that accomplished, our valiant Speaker of the House can throw the full weight of her political muscle behind school vouchers that will inevitably weed out bad teachers and bad schools as healthy competition invigorates our cancer-ridden government schools.

Once the Democrat Congress accomplishes that educational feat, they can turn their attentions to revamping government-mandated Sex Education in our schools.  Supporting programs for children that encourage an utter lack of self-control is, in my opinion, tantamount to heinous child abuse.

While good parents the country over, endeavor day and night to teach responsibility and the fact that all behavior has real-life consequences, our Democrat Congress supports Sex Education programs that undermine parental efforts and insult our children's intelligence.  They whine and wail nearly nonstop about Republican abstinence-only programs, as though they honestly believe our children are no more capable than furry pets at controlling animal impulses.  Democrats might try merely encouraging an exchange of class time used for condom-use instruction for a graphic lesson in the perils of the more than 4,000 (known) sexually transmitted diseases that currently infect our youth.  Fear can be a healthy deterrent to aberrant, socially costly behavior.  The willful trashing of common sense has never been a virtue. 

Okay, Congress People, I think you have your work cut out for you.  Either abandon the pretense tactic of your hissy-fit wailing, "It's for the Children," because it has worn out its welcome and our patience.  Or decide right now to put your money where your mouth is and start actually legislating in a way which demonstrates that you do indeed care about our children.  You help children by releasing parents to do their natural, God-given tasks, not by usurping parents' rights and responsibilities.