Code Pinkos Turn Red

Wednesday was yet another eventful day in the hallowed halls of Congress.  Screaming, "War Criminal!" at our own Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Code Pink followers exchanged their lovely, subdued pink costumes for the more easily identifiable blood-red.  Painting their hands and our walls bright red is, in my mind, a more honest portrayal of the Marxist group's intentions in America, and provides a little more revelation for those who get all their news from the mainstream media complex and the Daily Show.

Are the Democrats beginning to wake up in light of this revelatory "coming-out" of the Pinkos?  Perhaps so.  It took only a moment for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman, Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) to make a show of some sane authority, command "Out," and have the demonstrators evicted and arrested. 

It is truly an encouraging sign that the hard leftists of today are beginning to encounter American resistance to their plans, not only in Washington, but even in the hotbed of the revolution, California.

Last week the vulgar Code-Pink minions got quite a surprise as they manned their usual positions outside the Marine Recruiting Office in Berkeley, California.  According to this report, they were suddenly caught off guard by an opposing force of patriotic American citizens who have taken grave offense at the Pinks' references to our brave Marines as "traitors" (and several other raunchy epithets no real lady would ever utter, much less repeat in a public forum).  It was a grand day as the Code Pinks' were vastly outmanned and outclassed by Move America Forward forces.

Those of us not living in the San Francisco Bay area are also quite familiar with the wacky, loud, usually crass performances of this small, but well-funded group of so-called "peace" activists, who named themselves "Code Pink for Peace."  Their moniker is supposed to be a take-off on the President's color code for the current threat level of terrorist attacks.  But now that I've been reading about the founders and their sources of funding, I am speculating that their name indeed has a double meaning - which the rest of us are not supposed to understand.  It's "code," so to speak, for Pinkos of the Marxist/Communist variety, as Jean Pearce so eloquently explained in 2003. 

Medea Benjamin is one of the co-founders, and perhaps the most recognizable face of the "Pinko" group.  Ms. Benjamin was born in 1952, with the given name, Susan.  She has described herself as a "nice Jewish girl" from Long Island, who evidently had an uneventful, pleasant childhood in the bosom of American prosperity.  But as happened with so many of our (Boomer) generation, when she was a freshman at Tufts University, she underwent a transformation that prodded her to change her name.  She chose "Medea," in honor of the wicked heroine of Greek-mythology fame.

It's difficult to imagine what Susie Benjamin found in "Medea's" character that was worth emulating.  "Medea" is the prominent female figure in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts, who falls in love with Jason and becomes his behind-the-scenes female helper in his quest for the Golden Fleece.  She is best known for avenging Jason's later scorn of her by murdering her own children (and his), and for murdering and dismembering her own brother.  A really nice girl, the kind every young man wants to take home to meet his mother.

Nothing that I have uncovered so far about the Medea Benjamin of Code "Pinko" fame is nearly so nasty.  Nevertheless, it does give one pause to consider just why she would want to emulate such a vile, evil female.  On the other hand, when San Francisco Magazine added Medea Benjamin to their 1999 power list of the "60 Players Who Rule the Bay Area," did they even bother to check her references? 

One of the Code "Pinkos" prime objectives (of which the Marine Recruiting Center protests are a part) is to enact Counter-Recruitment measures on an ongoing basis around the Country, as funds and available bodies permit.  The Counter-Recruitment strategy replaced the anti-draft movement, which ceased to have meaning following the end of conscription in the United States in 1973. 

As the current crop of "Pinkos" are discovering, it is far more difficult to get industrious, hard-working, forward-thinking young people of today to protest against an all-Volunteer force.  When the young were being compelled into the service prior to 1973, willing cowards literally fell all over themselves, and out of the university woodwork, to burn draft cards and shout defiant slogans.  Not so now, of course, since no one is blaming young people for not serving; we simply applaud and thank the ones who do. 

This dearth of willful collaborators among the high-caliber young is, in my opinion, why we see anti-war protests made up of aging women of questionable virtue and young people who appear to be drug addicts and homeless wanderers.  Still they do try.

The Code "Pinkos" also have a similarly under-staffed effort at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., in what they claim is to support more medical benefits for wounded soldiers.  But here is a quote from Wikipedia's Code Pink entry:

"A soldier in treatment at the facility (Walter Reed) accused them (Code Pink) of displaying mock caskets, and others have questioned the label of "vigil" due to the displaying of signs such as ‘Maimed for Lies' and ‘Enlist Here and Die for Halliburton.'"

These so-called "peace" vigils are often scheduled for Friday evenings during visiting hours, so our soldiers' families get to witness the Anti-Recruitment efforts of the Code "Pinkos."  How considerate of these lovely "ladies."

Medea Benjamin lived for a time, with one of her husbands, in Castro's Communist Cuba and had this to say about the experience (San Francisco Chronicle):
"I felt like I died and went to heaven."
A pity she was deported by Castro for asserting her non-existent free-speech rights in criticizing the "heavenly" government of the kind she now demands for America.  If she had not been an American citizen, she would have faced incarceration in a Cuban mental institution or dissenters' prison.  Instead we got her back. 

Since then, she has made a name for herself among various revolutionaries abroad and at home.  She first supported the Sandinista Marxists in their takeover of Nicaragua, and has since become the darling of the media's eye in every anti-American movement she can stir up to further the world revolution.  Code Pink is merely her latest ploy, which has fooled quite a number of patriotic, but gullible, Democrats.     

So I, for one, am glad to see the gloves come off the Code Pinkos as they paint their hands and our walls red.  It makes it much easier to tell the difference between the merely foolish and the true Revolutionaries.   And perhaps it's not too late for all the useful idiots of The-War-Is-Lost minions to wake up as well. 
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