Britain Demands More Muslims

The new Foreign Minister of Britain is either a brilliant liar or a fool. The trouble is, even he may not know which it is.

David Milliband, a rising politician in British Labour (the socialist party of Britain), has demanded Turkish entry into the European Union.   Turkish entry means free and unbounded immigration rights for 70 million Turkish Muslims into any EU member country. Since income per capita for Turkey is less than $10,000, the incentive for an enormous wave of Muslim migration will be unstoppable. It is civilizational suicide for Europe.  

For that reason millions of Europeans are having second thoughts about Turkish membership in the EU. Even Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France, only wants "associate membership" for Turkey. Turkey just elected a radical Muslim as President, who has spent time in jail for Islamist political agitation.Abdullah Gul simply tells the world that there is no such thing as a "moderate Muslim" as far as he is concerned: There is only one true Islam -- and you know what that means for the infidels of this world. 

London had its Underground bombing a couple of years ago. Madrid had its train bombings, which drove Spain out of the anti-terror coalition. France has had two years of seasonal riots on the outskirts of Paris, and Germany just arrested bomb-plotters trying to create "another 9/11" at Frankfurt Airport or the Ramstein US air base. The Netherlands had its public murder of Theo Van Gogh, as well as unpublicized violence, and Denmark had its cartoon riots. Levels of rape by immigrants who view women as cattle are up all over Europe, as well as honor killings, genital mutilation, chain immigration and a rising atmosphere of fear and intimidation. If you don't think people are scared in Europe, you aren't paying attention. The violence we see in the news is only the tiny peak of a volcano of fear that is rising by the day.   

The governing elites don't care. After all, the multi-culti crowd who run the place created the problem of uncontrollable immigration in the first place, because immigrants vote Left, just like illegal immigrants in the United States, who are also considered automatic Democrats. So the calculation is that the Left can endanger its native voter base, and still make up for the loss by importing and buying Muslim votes. So far, that calculation has worked very nicely for the political class, so that major cities like Amsterdam, Paris and London are rapidly trending Muslim in polulation. Socialist Britain hasn't even managed to get rid of terror-preaching Imams who are not legal British citizens. The rule of Shari'a comes next if you just wait long enough.

So why does British FM David Milliband demand free entry for another 70 million Turkish Muslims into Britain and Europe? London already has two million Pakistanis, and for the first time in history its Mayor is now a rabid anti-Semitic agitator, in order to pander to the Muslim vote. Even the Washington Post published an alarming article about resurgent European anti-Semitism, written by a British Parliamentarian.

As usual with politicians, there are two interpretations. (a) Mr. Milliband is lying, or (b) he is willing to sacrifice British sovereignty to an EU fantasy that is blind to a real and immediate threat to civilized life in Europe.

The Labour Party is a classic socialist party which does not believe in national sovereignty, and will only reluctantly defend the nation. (Just like Hillary and the Democrats; there is no significant ideological daylight between them.) So it's quite possible that Foreign Minister Milliband is willing to see the end of Britain as a nation, as long as socialist politicians can gain more power via the EU. British bureaucrats are being actively promoted into the EU apparatus, at better salaries and with more power (and greater opportunities for corruption). That is one reason the Brits are withdrawing their military from Iraq: Ambitious bureaucrats see their future in the EU, not in defending the Atlantic Alliance. 

But politicians have calculations behind their calculations. There's just as good a chance that Milliband can see the writing on the wall; that Turkey is never going to get EU membership because the public is now panicked by the Muslim population threat. Even some EU elites are slowly beginning to understand the rising threat. So Milliband is just voicing the party line for the hard-line socialist core, because he wants their support for  his personal career ambitions. However, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has obviously approved Milliband's statement. Brown is expected to call an election soon, and he needs to get his ideological Leftist base in line. That's why the Brown-Milliband duo is now trumpeting the European Union. Later on in the campaign they will swing Right, to get the sucker vote in the center.

Saner voices are calling for a public referendum on the EU Constitution, which threatens to sink British sovereignty and even the free EU market --- the only accomplishment of European integration that has actually worked European voters twice defeated the power-sucking Constitution before --- but it has now raised its head again in the disguise of a "treaty." It's a typical EU fraud, and the single most amazing thing about Britain today is that voters just don't care. It is unclear whether they are beaten down, or bought off, or propagandized by daily BBC assaults, or are confused, or are just in the habit of obeying government authority. The passivity of ordinary people in the face of clear and present danger is the biggest puzzle in Europe today.

If Prime Minister Brown is forced to call a referendum on the EU Constitution, there's a good chance that Brit voters will bring it down. They haven't had a chance to exercise a voice on it before. They probably don't like it.

Such a sane vote would get Milliband and Brown out of the corner they've painted themselves into. So --- maybe the voters will save the day. Or maybe Europe's Ship of Fools will go sailing along its suicidal heading until it is caught up in the population vortex that is even now threatening to pull the whole contraption apart.  

If Europe runs into a deadly crisis of its own making, you can be sure of one thing: The elites will never, ever blame themselves. The only question is who will become the scapegoat. 

Britain needs a Churchill today, but all it has is Neville Chamberlains.

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