Beware the Irish Conspiracy?

As every conspiracy theorist knows with certainty, hidden hands manipulate the innocents of the world. Jews have a commanding lead over all other groups as the target of suspicion in the vast literature of conspiracists. But this tradition, reinforced by the new book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, should not blind us to other dangers, more deeply hidden and cleverly disguised.

In fact, the biggest hidden influence in American politics is no doubt the Irish Conspiracy. Largely staying in the background of American life, the Irish have penetrated all our institutions, even the Presidency itself. No less than twelve American presidents are believed to have had Irish ancestry(See Kennedy, Reagan). Irish politicians have been rife at all levels of American government (Tip O'Neill, Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, Ed Rendell).

In many cities entire police and fire departments are stacked with the Irish. The iron fist of paramilitary dominance is exercised every year for all the world to see, as Fifth Avenue in New York City has its center line painted green and the Chicago River is dyed green on St. Patrick's Day, a demonstration of raw power that chills to the bone knowledgeable initiates into the secrets of this cabal. None will ever reveal to the rest of us the dark truths they hide.

They have infiltrated major American religious institutions, like the Catholic Church.  The upper ranks of the Church in America are of predominantly Irish descent, and many of the priests accused of sexually abusing altar boys likewise have been of Irish extraction.

Need I say more?

Dual loyalties   

Are the Irish loyal to this country?  The question is intriguing, but the answer is not clear. Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., a known Nazi sympathizer prior to World War II, made his money as an organized crime chief, smuggling illegal substances that brought more families to ruin than crack cocaine or heroin. An IRA supporter, Kennedy, Sr. and his Irish friend Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago are widely believed to have stolen the presidential election of 1960 for Kennedy's son Jack.

American IRA sympathizers have long been a mainstay of terrorist support, paying for decades of bombings and shootings against our closest European ally, Britain -- including attempts to assassinate Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major. During World War Two, the IRA secretly plotted with Nazi Germany, and even today, the Irish Republican Army receives funds from hidden sympathizers in Boston and elsewhere.

Do the Irish have dual loyalties? According to Wikipedia (which sometimes is accurate), during World War II:
"The IRA fostered links with German intelligence (the Abwehr) and Foreign Ministry, with men such as Francis Stuart travelling to Germany to talk, though these attempts were largely ineffectual due to a combination of Abwehr and Foreign Ministry incompetence and IRA weakness.  Germans also came to Ireland, the most notable of whom was Hermann Görtz, who was captured in possession of "Plan Kathleen"- an IRA plan that detailed a Nazi supported invasion of Northern Ireland."
The Irish Diaspora

Do the Irish ever give up their distinctive identity? The Constitution of Ireland reads, "the Irish nation cherishes its special affinity with people of Irish ancestry living abroad who share its cultural identity and heritage."  There are more than 80 million people of Irish descent in the world, only six million of them living in Ireland.

Legally, Irish citizens can maintain their native citizenship for three generations after departing the Auld Sod. Therefore thousands of Irish immigrants, legal and illegal, can blend into the American population and still consider themselves Irish citizens. 26,000 people in America speak Gaelic, making covert coded communcations possible. Fifth column anyone?

Take the case of Che Guevara, who was half-Irish. Che was a ruthless killer who dedicated his adult lifetime to stirring up anti-American hatreds in Latin America. His influence is still felt. Wouldn't it be more honest if his name was Che O'Houllihan?

Media control: The smiling face of the Irish menace

What do the following media figures have in common?

    * Maureen O'Hara

    * Princess Grace of Monaco

    * Eugene O'Neill

    * Peter O'Toole

    * Anthony Quinn

    * Michael Flatley,  creator of Riverdance

    * Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison of the Beatles.

    * Bruce Springsteen

    * Judy Garland

    * Gene Kelly

    * Johnny Rotten, Lead singer of the Sex Pistols.

Obviously they are major Irish media figures. The Irish influence in Hollywood and the media is both visible and hidden.  The reason why Ireland gets such a good press, why Hollywood celebrates it in sentimental movies, and why Saint Patrick's Day (a Catholic and ethnic holiday) is celebrated with supermarket specials on beer and corned beef, is that the Irish maintain a virtual stranglehold over the media, luring millions of innocent non-Irish into unwitting participation in the rituals of their sinister ceremonies.

Is it a conspiracy or a culture?

Why is the Irish Conspiracy so powerful and well-hidden? We can only speculate. But notice that author Stephen Walt, who is sounding the alarm about the Jewish lobby in America, has his academic position at the Kennedy (!) School of Government.

Clever conspirators always divert attention to sidewhows, lest their true powers become visible. The very lack of active public discussion of the Irish Conspiracy is the most convincing proof of all of the real power exercised by it, and the cunning intelligence of the puppet masters behind it. 

Next week: How the British Foreign Office drew America into two world wars.

[Editor's note: in case it isn't obvious, this article is satirical. You can relax about the Irish -- at least until next St. Patrick's Day]

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