Rupert Murdoch vs. Pinch Sulzberger: Let the Match Begin

Many on the left regard Rupert Murdoch, architect of the rise of Fox News Channel, as the anti-Christ. More accurately, Murdoch deserves the title of the anti-Pinch. Murdoch's successful bid to take over Dow Jones & Company, publisher of Wall Street Journal, is a nightmare-come-true for Pinch Sulzberger, the hereditary occupant of the chairman of the board's and publisher's office at the New York Times. Poor Pinch. Murdoch is everything that he is not. Conservative, smart, and wildly successful in the media business. As a result, Pinch faces serious challenges as a family member, business leader and corporate strategist. The Family DimensionPinch holds onto his job only because other members of the extended Ochs/Sulzberger family, who together control the New York Times Company through family voting trust arrangements that elect 9 of the 14 directors, are willing to entrust a good chunk of their wealth to his stewardship. In recent years he has given them plenty of reason to worry...(Read Full Article)