Diversity, Nihilism, and the Anti-Rational Mind

Contemporary Western society is tumbling further and further into the abyss of undifferentiated mediocrity. Much of the blame is due to the ideology of Diversity, which exploits a nihilistic, anti-rational strain in our culture.The world is now divided into two zones: the zone of culture, and the zone of Diversity. In the former, which still covers most of the planet, there is true culture, organic and deeply rooted. It is also exclusive, to a greater or lesser extent. Even where the territory is shared, one is cognizant of the fact that the cultural space is divided into two or more organic cultures. They may be co-existing peacefully or they may be locked in a struggle to the death.In the zone of Diversity, true culture is desiccated. The first order of business is to deny the legitimacy of the culture that occupied the space before it was absorbed into the zone of Diversity. What the apostles of Diversity seem to understand all too well is that true culture is unplanned. Cultures...(Read Full Article)