The EU Constitution Arrives by Stealth

Nearly everybody watching the process agrees that the new European Constitution is being locked in by stealth and deception. It says so right on the front pages of the London Telegraph and Times

The new EU "Un-Constitution" will centralize foreign policy making in Brussels -- along with military, police and executive control -- without any voter input. It will dissolve two dozen historic nations, and empower Brussels' dictocrats to issue arrest warrants to incarcerate Irishmen in Dublin. A dozen Eurocrats have openly admitted the constitutional fraud in the press, including Giscard d'Estaing, the author of the old, superfatted Constitution that was solidly voted down in France and Holland, the last time the voters were asked to give their humble opinions. They are not being consulted this time around because they dared give an answer the eurocrats didn't like.

This is the continent that gave us Nazism, Prussianism, Stalinism, Francoism, Petainism, Napoleonic Gaullism, Serbian genocide, and welfare Socialism in the last century alone. It has originated nearly all the major international wars of the last 200 years. It has silently enabled genocide in Rwanda, Sudan, the Congo, Cambodia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, China and Kosovo. It is currently being penetrated and infiltrated by the third major totalitarian ideology of the last hundred years, oil-fed Wahhabi Islam, resulting in years of car-burning riots in France, subway bombs in London, and a reign of terror on college campuses from Spain to Norway. Europe is not just Switzerland, folks, with a strong and stable government. It is a continent with an endless history of turmoil and bloodshed.

So if you're a European and know you're being massively lied to about the most important political choice in your lifetime, would you just turn over on your couch and go back to sleep? Because half a billion Europeans are doing exactly that. It's stupefying.

Last week, the London Telegraph started an internet petition against the fraudulent constitution-by-stealth.   How many signatures did it get? Less than 2,000. The Prime Minister's office at 10 Downing Street has a petition for a referendum on the "Un-Constitution" that is running a little over 10,000.    But that's about it: we're talking about five hundred million people from Ireland to Ukraine.

Apparently Europeans want to be suckered. Or else they are so supine that they are allowing themselves to be suckered. It makes no difference in the end. Even though some three-fourths of the voters don't like this historic fraud.
Why the passive surrender by half a billion people?

We can imagine a lot of answers. Many Europeans don't think of constitutions as permanent. That's a distinctively American concept. Constitutions change all the time. This is just another one. Ho, hum.

But is that true? Not if you listen to the EU itself, which sounds like a long term Napoleonic enterprise. The EU has never backed down on any up-ratchet in its quest for power, even if the voters were dead set against it. And it is so corrupt that it has never even passed its own annual audits

Well, maybe Europe's citizens have been punched in the nose so often that they just don't fight Brussels anymore. They've given up. Or maybe half a billion people have been suckered by EU Christmas card propaganda, which claims absurd credit for keeping Europe at peace for six decades. Or maybe they've been taught to hate America so much that the EU is the only choice left in their minds. Or maybe they've just been bought off by rent support, child-care money, unemployment payments, employment payments, college tuition, health and euthanasia care, and all the rest. Or maybe they have conveniently forgotten who defended them for the past sixty years. (Hint: It's not the EU).

H.L. Mencken sneered that you can't lose money by underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Well, that depends on whether the media tell us the truth - which they rarely do. Without good information, we end up as easy suckers. But Americans have learned, and with the rise of the New Media a much better-informed citizenry has gotten a lot more militant about political fraud. (Witness the successful revolt against the Bush-Kennedy immigration bill.)

That sort of popular revolt just isn't happening in Europe. The EU is a Chicago Machine run by lifelong party bosses. But Uncle Sam is not going to defend them forever, subsidizing their security and welfare with American dollars and blood. Meanwhile, Russia is growling and baring its teeth again. Germany and Poland are quarreling again. Iran is getting nukes and missiles, triggering a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Pakistan is only the first unstable nuke nation at risk of a jihadi takeover. Tomorrow, Saudi Arabia will buy its own nukes, but they are at constant risk of an Al Qaeda coup. Pretty soon, even Hugo Chavez will be getting the itch for nukes, just to prop up his drooping ego; he's now allied with Ahmadi-Nejad, who will soon have nukes to trade.

It's a dangerous world. The United States and the rest of the Free World must realize that Europe is being neutered in any future struggle for civilization. In the process, it will try to undermine us to the best of its ability, out of sheer perversity if nothing else. (See: Jacques Chirac, Gerhardt Schroeder, Dominique de Villepin).  That's what happened with Saddam Hussein, and it will happen again when Ahmadi-Nejad gets his hands on nukes and missiles.  European elites passionately hate America, which threatens the very concept of aristocratic control; so don't expect them to be honest allies. We can see their democratic pretensions going down in flames right now. Meanwhile, Britain is allowing itself to be sucked into the swirling vortex of Brussels.

The EU looks to be a supernationalist enterprise, serving itself and its ruling class, while prattling about love and peace forever. Millions of American liberals will fall for the sucker play, because liberalism is nothing but European socialism. It's just another typical European ideology, promising peace on earth, but aiming for elite power, privilege and control.

Mark Steyn just wrote a book called America Alone. Maybe his next title should be A Second Declaration of Independence, because America will again have to get accustomed to being a separate nation with its own foreign policy, accompanied by the inevitable sneers and catcalls from our betters in Europe. We will find natural allies in Australia and maybe Japan and India. Europe is truly different from the United States, and will be, as long as we believe in democratic governance and free markets, and they don't. For the Old World the habit of permanent ruling-class control may be impossible to break.

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