'Energy Independence' is a Pipedream

With the House considering a variety of controversial energy proposals, the Senate approving a watered-down energy bill, and presidential campaigns heating up, it seems that the only thing every significant figure inside the Beltway has in common is passionate support for "energy independence."  While Congress is abuzz with talk of alternative fuels, energy efficiency, price-gouging, and fuel economy standards, disdain for imported oil is the only aspect of this new energy policy backed by widespread agreement.  From President George W. Bush and Charles Krauthammer to John Edwards and Arianna Huffington, the outline of a bipartisan consensus opposed to foreign energy dependence has emerged.  The Senate has already utilized the independence mantra to rationalize a market-distorting and pork-laden energy bill.  Unfortunately, it appears that nearly all of Capitol Hill is now congregated around the altar of "energy independence," lured by the...(Read Full Article)