Requiem for a Righteous Muslim

Tashbih Sayyed called himself a Muslim Zionist.  He fearlessly directed his great intellect and powerful voice to combat Jew-hatred and anti-Zionism, often at great personal cost.  In befriending the Jews, he enraged his own community.  Nevertheless, he never allowed an anti-Semitic comment to pass unanswered in his presence.  Furthermore, he wanted Jews to educate themselves about the depth and breadth of anti-Semitism imbedded in his own culture and religion.  He also wanted us to understand how the Muslim world regards non-Muslims and that the common perception of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance is a lie.  No one could intimidate him into silence.  His right to think and speak his mind was as sacred to him as his own honor and he devoted his life to defending it.  Tashbih understood the meaning of honor.  In his culture, honor is everything and loss of face and humiliation incur grave consequences.  Because he loved...(Read Full Article)