Soros and Hillary: Partners on Israel?

George Soros, like many megalomaniacs, particularly the wealthiest ones, likes to keep his hands in those enterprises in which he invests.  As he has turned over more of the day to day operations of his Quantum hedge fund to his sons, Soros has stepped up his involvement in a variety of political activities directed towards his principal political goals- weakening and undermining George Bush, pressuring Israel to negotiate  with, and make concessions to Hamas, and shifting America's political trajectory sharply left.  Soros' interest in Israel has become much more visible in recent months. He was rumored to be a behind the scenes funding source for the creation of a new group which would be an alternative to AIPAC, the principal  American lobbying  group on US relations with Israel, and has called for Israel to negotiate with  Hamas leaders in an article in the virulently anti-Israel New York Review of Books..  Now, another of the many left wing...(Read Full Article)